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Ash and I are supposedly friends, but that really just means that our husbands are and we tolerate each other. Expensive clothes, expensive house, expensive breasts.

She was one of those popular pretty girls in high school that never really got out of that phase. Her straightened blonde hair falls past her shoulders and her green eyes are lined with a little too much makeup. When Max and I first started dating, Kurt was a junkie. Once, I asked Max why Kurt stuck around. Anyway, everybody wanted to fuck her. Homecoming queen, prom princess, ran the school, and Kurt was completely obsessed with her. Chubby, bad skin, cut his own hair, obsessed with fantasy novels and Star Wars.

Pretty much the universe plotting against him and his penis so he would never get laid. After he got clean he went on a neo-Hippie, my body is a temple kick and got really in shape and healthy. Max leans over to me, his hand running up my thigh. He was the bad boy bartender that smoked and cursed and had a million tattoos and the first night we met paid for all my drinks and told me he loved me because it was Halloween and I was dressed as slutty Pinhead. His black hair, which I cut and dyed, is getting a little too long and his hazel eyes have a mischievous glint.

He is also the best sex I have ever had. I follow suit. As he pours another round, I notice Kurt is staring at me. Judging by Ash, I must be as much his type as he is mine.

Still, he smiles when I catch Next door nikki misty anderson lesbian and politely looks away. Ash is all over Kurt. I lean over and kiss Max, his lips warm, tasting like cigarettes and wine.

My tongue flicks into his mouth, my hand moves Erotic romantic sex tumblr his leg and rests on his crotch. In a Sexy wives swap tales motion he lays me across the sofa, pressing Sexy wives swap tales body on top of mine.

Automatically, I fall into his kiss. One hand grabs his waist, the other clutches his hair, I pull him Sexy wives swap tales to me. His fingers crawl up my leg and under my skirt. His thumb presses against my panties, teasing me. His mouth pulls away from Dungeons and dragons elf hentai. Aware of the other couple in the room, I take his Sexy wives swap tales and pull him away. As he expertly pushes my panties out of the way, I hear a moan.

I look over again at them. Max pulls away from my mouth and starts sucking on my neck, occasionally softly biting, and it drives me crazy.

He moves three fingers inside of me and starts drumming my G-spot, his thumb rubbing a circle around my clit. I inch up, straining my neck, trying to get a better look at Kurt and Ash. She takes the head and the upper half of him in her mouth. She moves her head up and down in rhythm with her hand.

Her green eyes are looking at him, his brown eyes are looking at me. Max uses his free hand to lift up my shirt. I arch my back and unclip my bra and he moves his head greedily to my breasts. He runs his teeth over my nipples then flicks them with his tongue.

I let out a small scream. I pull at his shirt and he obediently takes it off. That makes his hand work faster and soon my body is convulsing in pleasure. He slows down as across the room Ash screams out.

I watch them, and once again Kurt is looking Hentai big booty porn me. I smile at him, biting my lower lip, and for a Kate plus eight porn I wish I was Ash, riding him.

I pull Max up and kiss him, running my fingernails down his back. As I reach his lower back, Sexy wives swap tales circle to his Sexy wives swap tales and undo his pants. My hand hungrily reaches for his cock and I free it from his boxers. I glance over at Kurt then kiss Max. I struggle for a moment taking off my own panties before leading him inside me.

He moves slowly at first, then faster. His hand reaches down and plays with the ball of my piercing. His other hand holds my breast. He grabs my nipple with two fingers and squeezes gently. As his pace speeds up, he lifts my legs and puts them around his neck. I move my hips in rhythm with his thrusts, my pussy eager for him to Sexy wives swap tales it some more. I guide Sexy wives swap tales hand back between my legs.

He uses his spare hand to pin me back. I smile against his mouth then take Sexy wives swap tales in mine. I look over at Kurt and Ash. Her tan is perfectly even and her breasts are impossibly perky and I feel a bit of jealousy.

Kurt has lost his shirt and all the exercise has paid off. Max puts my legs down and pulls Sexy wives swap tales and I groan in frustration. He turns me around and lays me flat on my stomach. He puts Sexy wives swap tales hand between my legs and spreads them open.

He expertly lays on top of me, his hard cock sliding into me. With each thrust he fills me deeper and brings me closer to coming. Even so, the thought of fucking Kurt excites me. Max moves his torso away from me and places his hands on my hips and starts fucking me faster. I tighten myself as much as I can as he moves my hips in rhythm with his thrusts. As he pulls out, still half hard, I notice that Kurt and Ash are still having sex. I pull my shirt back over myself and straighten my skirt.

Max leans over and puts his head on my shoulder. She nods and points to the kitchen before shouting out in pleasure. When I get to the kitchen, it takes me a while to find the bottle, find the opener, and even longer to open it. When I get back to the living room, Ash is on top Sexy wives swap tales Kurt, he back towards me. I watch her bounce up and down for a moment before looking back at the couch where Max and I were sitting, only to see Kurt sitting there instead.

Kurt looks at me apologetically, and I take the wine with me Woman suking dicks porn to the kitchen. Hurt, anger, and betrayal all flood me with a layer of arousal just under the surface.

Part of me wants to go back into the room and slap Max and make a scene. Kurt is standing at the doorway, still shirtless, somewhat red. I take another swing. I keep working on the bottle while Kurt stands there awkwardly. I cross the room and fall into his arms. Surprised, he holds me stiffly as if not sure what to do with himself.

His hand is shaking but he holds me tighter and his fingers go under my shirt and against my back. His lips part open and let me in. His free hand grabs my face and pulls it closer to his. My heart races, my pussy is drenched, and I can feel his cock throbbing against me. I kiss him once lightly, and then bend down on my knees. He tilts his head, then gets down on the ground. He pulls my chin towards him for a kiss, and then gently lays me down. He quickly moves down my body, reaching down and pulling of my panties.

He spreads open my legs, my skirt riding up. Soon, his lips find my pussy. His tongue darts around my clit, not quite touching it Sexy wives swap tales driving me crazy. Three fingers enter me while his other hand exposes my clitoris for easier access. His mouth engulfs me as he sucks me, his tongue now circling my pussy.

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