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Public Pastes. K, Now! How to have sex with Mare Horse. RooRoo Nov 11th,Never. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Upit unlocks many cool features!

Newsgroups: alt. Here's something you all might like. If you're a beastie wanna be. And here it is please don't forget my request for "real" beastie gifs I. IE mini stilts to raise you a foot off the ground. Talk to it and calm it. If you work slowly you can make. Horses are some of the best pussy I have ever tried! And I have. Also horses are Gif men fuck mare trainable! Bringing a wild horse to orgasm can be more difficult. I have done this to geldings!

Horses that have been castrated. A large dog can stretch you where a horse can fit. Anyone can find a horse their size. Support and promote these. System: fourd. If you're a beastie wanna Gif men fuck mare, specifically with Gif men fuck mare, here is a document that describes how to do it.

If you are offended by beastiality or sexually explicit descriptions, then stop Gif men fuck mare now. You have been warned. And here it is please don't forget my request for "real" beastie gifs I posted earlier. I'm so fed up with what I've been finding lately or not finding, really! Their breed, their social life, their training or lack therofand their own developing personality are a few of the variables that must be accounted for when attempting to understand them individualy.

Horses, like people, all have individual personalities so Gif men fuck mare must really spend a great deal of time with an animal to develop a significant relationship. I can say with a great deal of confidence however, that anyone that spends a significant amount of time observing and interacting with horses can do ANYTHING with them.

Basic reproductive behavior Horses, like most animals, depend on Gif men fuck mare sense of smell to signify the readiness of a Bipasha b nude pics for an encounter. The stallion will approach the mare from behind and make a Gif men fuck mare noise The Gif men fuck mare will have to approach her several times unless shes a real slut before she will acquiesse.

The mare will often prove recalcitrant for some time, even threatening to kick the stallion. As he squeals and nips her however, with time, she becomes acquiessent and allows him to mount her and complete the union. The Stallion A full grown stallion's cock, when fully erect, will measure some two to three feet long. It can be three to Gif men fuck mare inches thick at the Gif men fuck mare, to about two inches thick at the head.

Horses are somewhat different from other animals in the way their cock head works. When a horse is fully erect and excited and ready to mount, his cock head is somewhat pointed and not as thick Gif men fuck mare might be normally observed. This is to facillatate an easier entry into the mare.

After the horse has entered and reaches a climax the head swells though it is more spongy then hard into a F/ m spanking otk sized mass as he ejacultates. It is thought that this serves as a plug to force the semen deep into the mare rather then allowing it to leak out. A full grown stallion can ejaculate about one cup 8 ounces of semen.

It will take quite a few spurts to accomplish this. Each time his tail will raise and lower in a brief flick. The Gif men fuck mare few jets are of Gif men fuck mare thin to average consistency of cum. The final few jets are of a thick gelatinous substance Horse semen is extremely viscous, if you touch your finger to a pool of it you can draw a thin string of it five Fleshlight stamina mogen porrfilm six feet long!

Horse cum has a nice Games hot girls xxx taste to it You Gif men fuck mare easily drink cups of it with no discomfort. The Mare - how to do it. Mares can be quite satisfactory for the average well endowed male. If you are somewhat less developed you might find better pleasure Big perfect fake asian tits a pony or Miniature Horse.

These are also better as they are lower to the ground. A pony you can fuck standing up. A miniature horse on your knees or squatting depending on the size. A mare will require something to stand on or "platform shoes" IE mini stilts to raise you a foot off the ground so that you can Gif men fuck mare her pussy. Fucking any horse will depend on the horse.

Some will be ready right away Pet the animal, talk to it softly, spend time with it gaining it's trust. If something you are doing upsets it then don't force it. If you work slowly you can make an animal accept anything. It is just a question of helping it overcome it's fears.

All animals fear man if raised in the wild. How any animal reacts will depend on it's own experiences. If you haved raised the animal yourself in a loving enviroment, then you should have no problem associating with it, if it Gif men fuck mare a strange animal that you have met in the wild then you will have to go through an extended Gif men fuck mare to learn how to respond to the beast. If you Gif men fuck mare limited time to spend then she should be put to pasture.

If you have plenty of time then you should keep her in a stall. Spend time with her during the day petting and grooming her and allow her some time to run Gif men fuck mare. Limit her access to other horses though and see that she spends at least hours a day in the stall. Start with more free time and as she approaches her first birthday confine her more I have walked up on a pen full of strange fillys at night and they came right up to me and I petted them and felt up their pussys and they just lifted Gif men fuck mare tales and seemed to enjoy it.

These fillys didn't even know me but they were young, inexperienced and bored Most horses in a large pasture will run when they scent a strange human in their pasture at night.

If you sit on the ground and wait patiently, they will get downwind of you and snort and fret, but eventually they will get curious and come closer Even then speak softly and move VERY slowly so as not to spook them. If you can feed the horses and let them smell you during the day on several occaisons then they will remember you and come to you more readily when you appear in the middle of the night.

Also if you are seducing strange horses you should bring them food. This is a good way to start a relationship. Wild mares or those that have been artificially inseminated are usually reluctant to have sex. The wild ones are used to violent horsecock and Gif men fuck mare others have had peoples arms in their cunts so they can be apprehensive about sexual events.

Start rubbing ,scratching, etc in different areas and observe the mare to see what she likes Play with the horse until it is comfortable with you and as you stroke it slowly move toward it's hind end. Scratch her rump and around her tale and the move down her hind legs. If she reacts to this well she might raise her tail somewhat Note on horses and getting kicked Standing directly in front of a horse is hazardous as it can raise on it's hind legs and come down with a front hoof on your head.

Standing feet behind a horse is hazardous as it has range to wind up and kick you a good one with the hind legs. Standing beside a horse is fairly safe. It can only stomp on your toes which can be avoided If the horse can move forward you might fall into range so try to tie up or use a stall or something so the animal cannot pull away into striking range.

If you make a good relationship however Gif men fuck mare above is unnecessary though. I have had mare that welcomed me As long as you make sure they enjoy what is happening and don't force them or get angry with them if they misunderstand what you want of them, they will love you always. Above all try to understand what they like and do it to them Once you have succesfully fucked a filly a few times she will be used Gif men fuck mare it and look forward to your visits so long as you give her the attention she desires.

You must experiment and treat her as a lover and see what turns her on.

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