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The Internet recently fell in love with picture-parsing websites that guess your ageand Sexy mom and son videos someone is your twin. Feed it an image—one it suggests, or one from your own menagerie—and it will tell you if anyone in that image is wearing little to no clothing. It is prudery, distilled into code. But why does this even need to exist? Unlike the carnival game quality of how-old. His company is an algorithmic clearing house, taking computational solutions from academia and beyond and offering them to the world at large for a fee.

From there, Daniel says, it simply was a matter of combining different bits of research Algorithmia already has undertaken or acquired. The algorithm builds on work that attempts to identify nudity simply by finding skin patches, which seems good sufficient until you realize a tight shot of, say, a hand is nothing but skin.

To help weed out false positives, Algorithmia added a few layers of intelligence. It used its previous work in hand gesture recognition to fine-tune its skin tone smarts, and brought in-off-the-shelf face and nose detection algorithms to give skin tone range guidance and better compensate for multiple people in one image. And thus, its algorithm for nakedness was born. As for the website? Think of it less as a parlor trick, and Where can i find nude pictures as a marketing tool.

If sex sells, maybe filtering it will, too. In the process, contributions to isitnude. That progress will be piecemeal, though; the privacy standards that keep Algorithmia from peeping your pics also means potentially helpful results need to be reported through other channels. An even bigger hiccup? There's also the larger issue of its limited scope, even when it works flawlessly. There's an entire universe of potentially offending image-based content out there that has nothing to do with skin, explains Joshua Buxbaum, co-founder of WebPurifya content moderation service.

Algorithmia's solution is only looking for naked people, and even then, still has the trying task of weighing whether they're obscene or not. Buxbaum offers that the simplest algorithm could filter something for curse words, but it would have a difficult time identifying hate speech or bullying—meaning a nudity-spotting algorithm could find flesh, but have trouble distinguishing if it's revenge porn or artwork.

With a good enough solution, that could add up. Clearing out offending images from message boards or comment sections can be a full-time job, especially when trolls enter the picture. Being able to offload even some of that work Where can i find nude pictures an algorithm would be a tremendous time-saver for even small sites; for a mega-corp like Facebook, which employs a small army of content moderatorsit could be a real boon.

Buxbaum says Where can i find nude pictures company might even be interested at some point, but cautions that the system would need to be practically infallible: "If this nude algorithm was actually It's not there yet, and won't be any time soon. Even a short amount of time playing with isitnude.

It can tell you how much skin there is, but without context or body parts that information doesn't get you very far. But as the algorithm gets more sophisticated, the seemingly simple question of "nude or not? As Algorithmia now knows better than anyone, the things that look black and white are often the hardest to parse of all.

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