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It Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked does nothing better or new compared to what is already out there in the genre by other games. Suda51 just use the 'sex appeal' to sell a game they knew is lacking compared to others.

I hope it doesn't bomb sales wise. Aside from this game Suda51 has some of the best most different games Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked there and I'd really like to keep seeing his games. I also don't know how much Suda had to do with the character choice. James Gunn wrote the story and chose the character so you might want to blame him instead. He made the movie slither if you didn't know.

It looks like garbage but with a half decent combat system it'll at least live up to everyones low expectations. I for one am looking forward to it, nice to have a game that doesn't take itself so seriously.

People will of course defend it, though, since they're already fapping to screenshots. I didn't start playing games yesterday. I know mundane gameplay mechanics when I see them.

Four hours is fine considering this game sucks. Sorry, but you're in no position to claim "truth" when you haven't even played the game. It's called Common sense. A four hour game about a blonde cheerleader chainsawing zombies, for the sake of her body-less boyfriend. In his case it's because, like Tarantio and Rodriguez, it amuses him. I played many games like this on my idevices. Its pretty much the same premise, hot chick, in skimpy outfits you can unlock, killing aliens.

Its like hours long and after Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked while you Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked pretty much just replaying levels for higher scores.

Matt you really think lollipop chainsaw is artistic? By the way. They use "sex" in grindhouse movies because grindhouse movies usually suck arse. Gamers all like to claim that games are art and everything, but the moment something isn't completely obvious - the minute a game is a homage to an old style of cinema, the moment a game breaks with convention, the moment a game brings themes from outside the game - the moment a game does anything artistic, then people criticise it.

You want games to be art? Well, if someone makes a game that is a Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked to Grindhouse Cinema, then at least learn something about Grindhouse before you criticise it for being Grindhouse.

Edit: and "by the way" anyone who takes a Grindhouse film or game seriously is so completely missing the point. Grab a beer and relax. They're braindead fun. And that's not a bad thing :. This game is trying to emulate B list grindhouse movies, and it will be considered a b-list game. Raiinstorm - I don't see why the length has anything to do with anything. If it offers what it Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked out to offer a couple of hours of throwaway fun Did that joker just put "arse" at the end of that wall of driveling text?

I haven't played WET either but that sucks. Haven't you seen the concept for this game? Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked obvious.

Too many people act like anothers opinions form the general conscious of everyone else. For starters most retailers dropped Lollipop Chainsaw to 4X dollars. Finally MattS Art is a controversial subject. Many great artist were hated in their day and many fantastic pieces were seen as bad over something like subject matter. With this being said, people need to stop writing off problems with excuses.

I suppose that could explain the play time hahabut seriously taking a few concepts doesn't mask problems with somethings core. It wouldn't be a problem if the game wasn't 60 dollars. I've said it before, i will always say it, collecting crap doesn't extend the life of a dang game Seems like they are setting up the feeding tube for DLC.

Prepare to be ripped-off. It really doesn't matter how long it is, since the majority of people who Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked going to play this game will be paying attention to the half naked Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked game character rather than pay attention to length of the games play-through.

If that is the case, such sadness. People complain about the price of games this Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked and the shortness of the call of duty campaigns. Free adult xxx rated movies because it has skimpy outfits it gets a free pass? It would be fine if either- A It was the best damn 4 hours ever B It was a dollar downloadable title C It had crazy mad replayability new costumes, levels play out differently, new weapons, MP exc Game sounds like crap imo.

The commercial made it look damn fun though so maybe i have some preconcieved notions about it. Still not something id really buy but i would check it out sometime for dirt cheap or a rental. Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked is the shit and im glad theres someone making wacky and crazy games. Mindless fun can be great. Will pick it up once it gets cheaper Im ALL for Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked developers but at this price Its kinda a slap in the face.

Can't wait to play it later today. I never knew the price point until now. To each their own. A 4 hour length isn't a problem for me, but it might be if I had any interest in this game whatsoever.

For all of you talking about how Suda51 is selling this game with sex should probably know that he didn't write the story or choose the character. James Gunn wrote the story and chose the character and for those of you who don't know he made the movie slither. There are only a few devs aside from the big ones that i'll support and one of them is Suda His games are always different and I personally find them all fun.

Glad I didn't pre-order it and may pick it up now since it's much cheaper. You do Bbw homemade sex toys about Amazon's pre-order guarantees right?

Whenever you pre-order a game from Amazon you get the lowest price they list up to release. So many haters out there. Ive enjoyed all of Suda's games so far and will be supporting this one for sure. Of course it isn't. Certainly not to me. And quite frankly, I much rather play this than some game that takes needlessly forever to finish.

Besides, I don't really care for RPG's or open-world games like that. LOL the negative comments about it try to be all objective. It's and these people still haven't got a clue that what they might consider trash could be considered great to someone else. With that said, Lollipop Chainsaw had flaws Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked was nonetheless solid.

Lollipop Chainsaw PS3 Xbox digitallydownloaded. We are giving away one Console Bundle each week until Christmas! The story is too old to be commented. Agree 38 Disagree Agree 6 Disagree 0. Agree 0 Disagree 0. Agree 26 Disagree 8. Agree 3 Disagree 2. Kurt Russell d ago It looks like garbage but with a half decent combat system it'll at least live up to everyones low expectations.

Agree 0 Disagree 3. SilentNegotiator d ago Edited d ago People will of course defend it, though, since they're already fapping to screenshots. Agree 2 Disagree 3. DarkSymbiote d ago Edited d Lollipop chainsaw juliet naked Four hours is fine considering this game sucks.

Agree 14 Disagree Blacklash93 d ago Sorry, but you're in no position to claim "truth" when you haven't even played the game. Agree 26 Disagree Agree 23 Disagree MattS d ago fastNslowww - look up "grindhouse cinema. Agree 12 Disagree 9. MattS d ago Edited d ago killerhog: once again, look up "Grindhouse Cinema.

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