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I grew up using open locker rooms and showers from early elementary school through high school sports. Back then, everyone was required to shower naked after every PE class, practice, and game. By the time that began, most of us had already started to be conditioned by our parents Locker naked room boys the culture to be uncomfortable with being naked around each other.

But as it became routine to be naked and to see all your same sex friends and classmates naked several times every week, soon nobody cared. Understand that this started well before puberty and it continued throughout that period, extending well We were monitored for any teasing or bullying each other about our bodies. That Locker naked room boys NOT tolerated. They were allowed to not shower and their Locker naked room boys had changing booths and private shower stalls.

I used to run about 6 km around the Sydney Harbour foreshore every day at lunch time. Afterwards I shared a busy public shower Marvellous maja huge boob pics porn up to 30 or 40 joggers, footballers and rugby players the last two taking part in a regular lunchtime competition. We had all manner of people Locker naked room boys, ranging from professional people to office drones.

One of the things I found interesting was that it was easy to identify the public servants, even without their clothes on. They were the ones who were forever talking about their promotions, their grades, their wages, their overtime, and Locker naked room boys on. I wore contact lenses in those days because they helped me cycle faster in triathlon. With contacts I could hunker down low over the handlebars and still see.

Anyway, one day I lost a contact in the shower. I gotta confess that looking down at all those bare bottoms scrabbling around like a bunch of albino crabs was pretty funny.

It had slid up onto the top of my eye and I was able to retrieve it. I was called some funny names that day. On another occasion I had an early lunch and was the first person to arrive. Well the second, as it happened.

I noticed somebody at the far end of the bench just starting to get dressed as I changed into my running gear. No problem. I had Locker naked room boys admire her chutzpah. Two things you should consider when sharing a locker room:. I was exposed to the locker room concept only after I moved to Canada.

The first day I walked in to the gym locker room, I was expecting separate changing rooms and stuff. But what I saw was naked men drying themselves off with their towels while having a chat with other men. I was a bit hesitant to be the same and it took me a while to get used to seeing other penises in the shower and the locker room.

But with each passing day, i was registering less and less about others around me. Within a month, I was also taking Locker naked room boys naked in the common shower and drying Locker naked room boys off not bothering abo Within a month, I was also taking shower naked in the common shower and drying myself off not bothering about being naked all that time.

The only issue I have with being butt naked in a locker room is that I am a wee bit self-conscious about how my not quite as good in shape as I want it to be body looks like to others.

In addition, over the past couple of months, I have experimented with walking around my house naked when my husband is away. It has been an exercise to get even more comfortable with my body and myself. I have also changed my bedtime habit and sleep in the nude, which also has good health ben I have also changed my bedtime habit and sleep in the nude, which also has good health benefits.

However, I quickly became pretty carefree Locker naked room boys naked in front of others in close quarters, especially after one Locker naked room boys and amusing incident. After my work out, I went to my locker, got undressed, took my towel, walked over to the shower area and put it on Locker naked room boys towel hook, went in and proceeded to clean up.

After I was done with my shower, I walked around the shower entrance where the towels were, and my towel was gone! I looked around the general area and indeed, it was not there.

Although I would usually have a towel around me at this stage, I had no choice but to leave my dick hanging. Instead of getting intimidated, I was casual about it, and worked my combination lock, opened up the locker, popped off my water shoes, searched for my plastic water shoe bag, bent down to pick them up and put them in the bag.

I reached in to pull out my gym bag, zipped it open, and put Locker naked room boys water shoe bag in there. Then, I opened up my toiletry bag to put on some deodorant and then put that back in the bathroom bag, into my gym bag then zipped it back up. By that time I was pretty much air dried so I could start to get dressed. As I finished dressing, I noticed a gentleman drying off with what I suspected was my towel.

So I excused myself and ask him where he had gotten it. He immediately knew he had taken the wrong and similarly colored as his towel as he noticed it had a different smell that his towels usually did. We had a good chuckle over it.

The locker room is the one place aside from nude beaches and the Folsom St. An article I came across mentioned the younger generation seeming to have more of an issue with nudity in locker rooms, and that sounds about right. However, that goes away with getting older, when a lot of things that seemed like a bigger deal when younger turn inconsequential as we get more experience.

And in case you were wondering…. Folsom Street Fair - Wikipedia. Sign In. What is it like to be butt naked in a locker room? Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. Related Questions More Answers Below What is the most inappropriate thing you have seen or done in Locker naked room boys high school locker room How to piss the nieghbor off room?

Have you ever been caught naked? My coach walked in on me while I was in the Frogs stuffed vagina into room at school. I think it was an accident. What should I do? Is it true that men are totally naked in the locker room in America? What are some of the most humiliating locker room experiences you've seen, heard of or had during K?

Always bring a dry towel, if you sit Locker naked room boys naked, you would run the risk to sit where other just stand naked feets. Yes, you would contract skin problems. Do normal adult men really talk about groping unsuspecting women?

Why is it OK to be naked in locker rooms? What are Planet Fitness' locker rooms and showers like? Should underage girls be exposed to a male penis in the locker room or at home? Why do people not mind getting naked in changing rooms? Answered Feb 20, It is very liberating, actually. View more. Related Questions Have you ever been caught naked? What is the most inappropriate thing you have seen or done in a high school locker room changing room?

Are the comments made by Donald Trump really common "locker room talk"? Does showering in public naked gym, pool etc bother you or would you prefer privacy? What is the naughtiest thing you have seen in your high school locker room?

What's it like to be gay and change in a locker room of the same gender? What is a high school boys locker room like? Do you shower and banter there? What do they talk about? I'm writing a book. Is it normal to sometimes like to be naked at home?

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