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Did real life porn star boyfriends Austin Wilde and Anthony romero and austin wilde Romero break up? Well, it seems as if. While it may sound silly, they no longer follow each other on twitter; nor are they friends on Facebook.

Someone asked Anthony if he and his dog were missing Austin and his dog - his response "I still love Tank. Sad to hear it if it's true. I'd rather remain anonymous. Just a little tip I found interesting. I def could Anthony romero and austin wilde wrong, but their tweets to each other the past few days has made me come to this conclusion. Well, Tank Wilde "Anonymous," first of Anthony romero and austin wilde, it is very rude to go nosing around in other people's personal affairs.

I mean, honestly. Second of all, I am not so sure. I Anthony romero and austin wilde maybe they are just in a big fight? I saw some of those tweets yesterday--one of which, from AnthonyAnthony romero and austin wilde a picture of him and Austin captioned with the word "garbage"--but they have since been deleted.

And while it is true that Anthony Romero and Austin Wilde aren't currently following each other on Twitter, it is not as if each of them aren't just going manually to each other's Twitter profiles every five minutes to see what they are tweeting. Also, Anthony is still following Austin's dog, Tank! So, there is still hope. Thirdly, "Anonymous," couples fight! And then they make up. And, in the last 24 hours, Austin and Anthony have been trying to out-social media each other Austin opened an Instagram and Anthony started a Tumblrwhich is such a transparent way of saying, "See, life goes on!

I'm fine! And with that said, The Sword orders Austin and Anthony to stop fighting, now. And if neither of them will say "I'm sorry," then I will say it for the both of them because I refuse to live in a world where the stars of " Sweet Cheeks " do not live happily ever after plus, I probably owe someone an apology anyway : "I'm sorry.

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