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Ang and kitara nude and aang went out for a picnic just outside of Ba Sing Sei as a date. Suddenly Katara exclaimed "Aang, look at that beatiful sunset! They started kissing, lightly at first then deeper and more profound. When they finally pulled away, Katara said nervously with color in her cheeks" Um, well its been five years since we started dating and I was wondering,well, if you wanted to take it to a high-" She was caught up by Aang putting his finger over her lips "Take off your clothes" he whispered in her ear, feeling a little embarrassed because he was a virgin.

This was Kataras first time, too so blood Ang and kitara nude to her cheeks, but she stood up and started stripping. She pulled her bra tight to her chest and went down so her breasts popped out and bounced. They were firm and round, and her tits were very stiff. Aang stood and pulled off his robes, revealing a nine inch cock.

Kata sat down on aangs face, and Aang started licking her pussy,thrusting in and out and in broad circles, earning a moan from Katara. Katara started quickening the pace, and aang reached down to fondle her slightly bouncing boobs.

Now Aang wanted to fuck her really badly, so he told her to stop. Positioning himself right outside of Kataras vagina, aang asked if katara was ready and she nodded her head. He slowly started thrusting, and then quickened his pace and soon katara was crying with moans of pleasure, His balls were hitting her ass and her breasts were bouncing in a circular motion.

Kataras pussy felt so tight around aangs cock, and katara loved the feel of Ang and kitara nude muscular penis. Aang was drilling her now, ramming into her and katara came very hard. This time katara was riding him and was in control. Ang and kitara nude chuckled, held her breasts and said " I can last along time, thats why. With one last orgasm from katara he pulled his member out and sprayed it seven time over kataras ass.

They then fell on top of eachother and looked at Ang and kitara nude dreamily. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Avatar: Last Airbender.

For MA Ang and kitara nude I do not own anything. Suddenly Aangs hard on became even longer Girl and boy bathing together started throbbing, begging for some attention. Aang then walked over to Katara, and whispered in her ear what they should do. The author would like to thank you for your continued support.

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