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Just down the road were three more bodies, for a total of The victims had been shot to death. Some were hung with their hands bound, some with their pants pulled down. While the banner was not completely legible, it bore the initials of the notoriously violent Jalisco drug cartel, and mentioned the Viagras, a rival gang. The state attorney general said the killings discovered Thursday appeared to be part of a turf war. For years, Mexican cartels Sexy wet legs feet seemed loath to draw attention to themselves with mass public displays of bodies.

Instead, the gangs went to great lengths to hide bodies, by creating clandestine burial pits or dissolving corpses in caustic chemicals.

But the Jalisco gang, which has gained a reputation for directly challenging authorities, Naked women strung up by their necks to have returned to showy killings as a way to intimidate rivals. Inthe then-smaller Jalisco cartel dumped 35 bodies on an expressway in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz. Inthe Zetas drug cartel dumped 49 decapitated bodies on a highway in northern Mexico, and that same year they strung nine bodies from an overpass and left 14 severed heads near the city hall.

Meanwhile, in another part of Mexico, an angry crowd beat and hung five suspected kidnappers, leaving some of their bodies dangling from trees. The suspects had been detained by about villagers in the central state of Puebla. But homicides surged again last year and Mexico now has more murders than it did during the peak year of killings in Naked women strung up by their necks In the first half ofMexico set a record for homicides, with 17, up 5.

The country of almost million now sees as many as killings a day nationwide. The navigation could not be loaded.

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