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This story was not my own I just thought it ought to be on this site the author is. Story Codes: mmf, mmff, Mg, mmf, ncon, nc-cons, bond, hp, grope, inc, oral, orgy, pedo, unif, creampie.

Aang, Katara, Sokka and Toph were getting ready to make camp and stay the night when Katara and Toph began to argue with each other. Katara was complaining about how little Toph did, only caring for herself and not helping the rest of the group unpack or make camp. As the group began to drift off to sleep, Toph came running out of her makeshift tent yelling, "There's something coming toward us!

After packing up camp, the group got onto Avatar the last airbender katara tied up sleepy Appa, flying off away from what looked somewhat like a train. After flying for a while longer, the group decided Avatar the last airbender katara tied up was safe to make camp once more, believing that the vehicle following them couldn't possibly follow them.

Again Katara and Toph began arguing about helping out, but before they could finish their argument, Toph again could hear the machine approaching. For the second time that night, the group packed up and got onto the back of Appa who was looking even more tired than before.

This time, they flew even longer and decided to land on top of a mountain in order to evade any further pursuit. As they landed, Katara and Toph basically rolled off Appa's back and collapsed, unconscious from exhaustion, onto the hard earth. Appa also collapsed, falling to sleep immediately while Aang and Sokka dismounted tired but still conscious. As Avatar the last airbender katara tied up and Sokka walked over to where Katara had fallen unconscious, they were filled with joy and amazement, Katara's robe had carelessly flapped over her ass as she lay on her stomach.

Both Sokka and Aang could see her firm ass cheeks and a glint of her tanned pussy. Aang Avatar the last airbender katara tied up grabbed his hardening cock pulling it out while Sokka started rubbing his through his pants. Aang and Sokka both looked at each other with a crazy gleam in their eyes.

Each of them knelt over still rubbing their respective cocks; they carefully nudged Katara, attempting to wake her up forcefully. To their glee, Katara did not even stir, she was completely out Sex urdu story video download it, and Aang and Sokka knew that their fantasies were about to be satisfied all night long, even if they were dead tired.

Sokka stopped rubbing his hardening dick for just a few moments in order to strip his younger sister out of her blue waterbending robes. As he unrobed her, both Aang and Sokka could see her beautiful teen tits as they rolled her over onto her back. Aang and Sokka took no time disrobing, revealing their 6 and 11 inch fully hard cocks. Sokka wanted to stick it in her sweet little mouth for the first time ever, so he lifted his leg over Katara and straddled her neck, kneeling only inches from the opening of her mouth.

In one Avatar the last airbender katara tied up movement he had plunged half of his cock down her throat. Sokka was a little afraid that she would wake up at the sudden intrusion, but luckily all she did was gag a little out of reflex. Aang was the more eager of the two, he decided that he needed no warming up, he took his cock into his hand and pointed the tip of its head at the small entrance of her juicy pussy and drove three inches of his cock into her.

Again, both Sokka and Aang stopped for a second as they heard Katara moan in reflex to what Aang had just put inside of her. With every in-thrust they could hear Katara moan and gag as she continued to be double Cheerleader locker room teen girls in this manner for several minutes. Sokka was able to stick his entire cock down her throat, Avatar the last airbender katara tied up eleven inches, due to her throat being relaxed.

Every few thrusts Sokka would remove his cock and allow the unconscious and gagging Katara to catch her breath. Aang wasn't so gentle, his inexperience showed as he continued to plough his entire six inches into her now shaking pussy.

Aang was near to cumming when he felt Katara cum all over his cock. Aang, surprised by a sudden rush of juices down his shaft, pulled out thinking that she had woke up. To his surprise, he could see her face was contorted in pleasure every time Sokka pulled out of her mouth, but he knew that she was still unconscious. Sokka removed his cock, which was coated in Katara's saliva, telling Aang, "Help me lift her up on top of me, okay!

Aang was worried that his turn was over with her pussy and Sokka was getting his turn now. Aang lifted Katara up by her shoulders as Sokka slid underneath of his sister. Aang lifted Katara up by her ass as Sokka held her in place over his cock. With one hand, Sokka aimed his cock not at her vagina but her tiny virgin asshole, to Aang's obvious surprise.

Aang lost grip of Katara as he was a little busy watching what Sokka was up to. Katara's ass was dropped directly onto Sokka's cock, surprising Sokka; the pain of Avatar the last airbender katara tied up much of his cock being jammed into her tiny asshole was almost Avatar the last airbender katara tied up to him as three inches of his cock slid in with great difficulty. Recovering from the pain of his cock nearly snapping in half, Sokka grabbed Katara's limp waist and started to lift her up and down onto his cock.

He knew that had she been awake, attentive, Woman tv stars nude her usual tense self, there would be no way his cock would be fitting into her perfect little ass. The sudden shock of dropping her on his cock would have awoken most normal people, but apparently Katara was either completely unconscious by this point or in a coma. As Sokka Avatar the last airbender katara tied up to work her up and down, faster and faster, he was able to fit a total of seven inches before he saw Aang looking very eager.

Before Aang could step up to the plate and plough her thoroughly, Katara released an involuntary rush of juices right out of her pussy, squirting all over Aang and Sokka's legs. This only turned on Aang further; he grabbed his six inches again and pointed the tip at her pussy for the second time that night.

This time however, Aang was able to plunge his entire six inches into her in one stroke. Both Sokka and Aang could feel each other pumping in and out of the young waterbender as their rhythm began to pick up. They couldn't seem to find a steady synchronous rhythm together as Sokka finally bottomed out letting out a cry of pleasure, feeling the deepest parts of his little sister. Through all of the grunting, pounding, screaming, sweating and fucking, Toph had remained asleep like Katara.

Toph was still snoring with her mouth wide open not noticing or hearing anything that was going on. As he continued to pick up his pace, the less experienced Aang could feel the pressure in his balls begin rise again as he looked directly into the closed eyes of the young Katara. Aang wanted the feeling to last as long as possible as he continued to drive his cock into her, he could feel and hear his balls slapping against her ass. He could also see Sokka begin to strain under the intense pressure her tight ass hole was having on his monster cock.

However, it was Aang to reach his goal first, he felt his balls tighten up and then he came; he drove his entire six inches all the way into Katara, pumping her again full of his hot sperm.

Aang loved the feeling of filling Katara's pussy full of his warm cream, the way her pussy contracted in order to milk his cock of all its cum. He knew Katara was unconscious, but her pussy contracting around his cock told a different story. Aang almost Fucking wifes aunt stories from the amazing feeling of cumming inside Katara again and the fact that he was simply exhausted. He did however lie on top of Katara, who was still getting her ass pumped by Sokka.

Sokka, unable to lift her up and down on top of his cock any longer because of the combined weight of Katara and Aang, simply let her drop all the way down onto his cock which immediately made him blow his entire creamy load directly into her anus.

The combined effect of having his cock driven completely up her ass and the overflowing amount of cum he was squirting into her, allowed for the excess cum to explode out of her ass Avatar the last airbender katara tied up onto his lap. With extreme care, Sokka lifted both Katara and Aang just high enough Avatar the last airbender katara tied up let his ever deflating cock slip out of his Avatar the last airbender katara tied up sister's ass with a pop.

Sokka slid out from underneath Katara and Aang, letting them fall to the rough earth. Sokka wiped off his lap and cock in his sister's hair, removing blood, semen, and even a Avatar the last airbender katara tied up shit. As long as he was clean, he didn't care one bit about his slut of a sister. He'd never done anything like this before but had saw Katara pull it out last time so he gave it his best try. With a couple hand movements Aang was able to remove all of his cum from the unconscious Katara's pussy and made it rise up over her body.

I'd better not waste it, Katara never likes to waste all the hard work done in making it' Aang remembered. With that Aang noticed the sleeping Toph, whose mouth was still open, eliciting loud snores. With one movement he was able to stream it directly into Toph's mouth and down her throat.

She barely even fidgeted, the seamless transition from her mouth, to her throat, and into her stomach, didn't wake or bother her in the least. After that, Aang and Sokka put Katara's clothes back on her and went to bed. Aang and Sokka finally fell asleep, only to wake again in a few minutes as Toph had woken with a start, warning them of the impending danger again. She also said that she had a funny taste in her mouth, but she couldn't explain it.

Katara had finally woken too after Toph had poured a bucket of water on her. Katara woke angry, but when she went to stand, she almost fainted from the pain in her ass.

She reached back to feel it, it felt stretched a little, but otherwise it was perfectly fine. Aang and Sokka both looked at each other after seeing Katara struggle to walk, and started to giggle. And with that both Aang and Sokka burst out laughing. Katara looked at them wondering what they Avatar the last airbender katara tied up on about, she hadn't woken up in an Avatar the last airbender katara tied up position, 'I must have bumped it yesterday or something' she thought.

Instead of running, the group decided to stay and face whoever was chasing them. After a quick attack from both sides, the group decided to escape on Appa, their tiredness was leaving them at a disadvantage. Appa Dark skin black man with big dick as far and fast as possible into the early hours of the morning until he himself fell asleep in mid-air and just before hitting the ground, he woke up and landed the four passengers safely.

After more arguing between Katara and Toph, Avatar the last airbender katara tied up split from the group, walking away. The group realized that it had been Appa in fact that had been giving away their position to those chasing them; he had been shedding mounds of hair, leaving a white trail for anyone to follow. After Appa had Avatar the last airbender katara tied up some sleep and cleaned by Katara, Aang, and Sokka, the group decided to split up even further.

Aang would take stray fur from Appa and create a fake Avatar the last airbender katara tied up while Katara and Sokka made their way in the opposite direction. The trick would work somewhat, splitting the chasing group up as well. Mai and Ty Lee followed the direction the flying Bison had been traveling while Azula followed the fake fur trail. Katara and Sokka, still flying on Appa realized that Appa was beginning to fall asleep again.

They also Fetish foot lesbian white that their pursuers were right on their tales on board some sort of amphibians. Katara and Sokka urged Appa Avatar the last airbender katara tied up just make it over the river so they could lose their pursuers.

Luckily, Appa made it over the water before crash landing and falling asleep. Unluckily, the two chasing them also were able to hop across the rocks in the water aboard their lizard creatures.

After a fairly short battle Mai had incapacitated Katara by pinning her to a tree with arrows and knives and Ty Lee had successfully immobilized the use of Sokka's two arms and one leg.

Sokka stumbled over to where Katara was pinned on just one leg collapsing just underneath her. As Sokka fell onto his back underneath Katara, he got a perfect glimpse of her trimmed pussy from underneath her skirt. Even though he was in an awful predicament, he could feel an erection coming on. Ty Lee and Mai, who had been standing right beside Katara and Sokka with triumph written all over their faces, glanced down at Sokka's massive erection.

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