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What has happened to Rachel? Once desperately in love with her skinny boyfriend, now she can't stand the sight of him. These days, she only has eyes for the huge couple Weight gain sex stories sharing a house with.

The same couple with a secret agenda to fatten her up.! Am bringing up another from the past Baby Machine Will begin today. Paul, a closeted feeder, must choose between his heartfelt attachment to his longtime girlfriend, or succumb to his temptation to enable and fatten her older Mature thai women porn. Steph, a shy young woman driven toward becoming a Bikini Competition Champion, decides to bulk up and compete in a higher weight class after suffering a torn ACL.

Needless to say, things do not exactly go as planned. Instead he Weight gain sex stories himself performing penance by serving five godesses. Feeding their every whim and desire to satisfy them and earn his way into a more pleasant afterlife. Jade is slightly conflicted about letting the demon possess her friend. When Megan, a sheltered christian-raised girl, develops a deep crush for bad girl Ari, her waistline begins taking a hit New Weight gain sex stories every Friday!

Continued story of Kelsey. This has the rest of the chapters. There is a preview of it for free. As Kelsey and Erin get closer, Kelsey and David drift apart. Some straight some lesbian. To some it may seem a little dark.

May or may not involve some forced feeding. I combined some chapters so there were less stories. A Personal Trainer decides to show how easy it is Weight gain sex stories lose weight, by gaining and losing 3 stones in a year Story now complete.

JM Ross.

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