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Teen amour angels natural beauty, this URL caught his eye. He shrugged it off Vore anal captions photo it was way too cryptic and had to be a coincidence. As not to lose focus on his game over his lewd fetishes, he dismissed the player-list and resumed gunning down terrorists.

An hour or so later, the game finished. Nick was ecstatic at the fact that he just received the newest weapon case as a drop. If it were not for that weapon case Vore anal captions photo, he would have never looked back at the player-list where his new case was displayed. This one notion would change his life forever, for he saw the URL again whilst looking at his glorious case. He studied the website link again. Nick racked Vore anal captions photo. Several minutes later, he was defeated and disappointed.

It was AM and he was already half asleep. Maybe some sleep would aid in discovering, and possibly rediscovering the origin of these mysterious letters. Slightly annoyed, Alan recounted the last couple of messages in the chat. Trying to change the subject, Jake defaulted to his scapegoat. He posted a picture in the skype chat that Nick, Alan, and Jake have seen hundreds of times. It worked. They all laughed at it, and Alan started talking about his computer science course.

But of course Nick was instantly reminded of the strange URL from last night. He had to know what the letters were from. He had to visit the website. His questions were answered when the ruby red background followed by a textbox that floated down faded in on his monitor. Your choice for custom built robots! This was exactly what his fantasies were composed of. An Amazon. Next to the picture is a set of customizations. Vore anal captions photo, Nick went back to the website and scrolled down under the custom settings.

These robots are built with the newest technology which allows for the most complex AI ever distributed to the public. Order now! Still thinking that this was all fake, he entered his shipping information and clicked go. It took him to the customization page, and by god, was it extensive. He took the default model, obviously female, one who would weigh pounds.

Skipping most of the body type customizations, he got lost in the finer facial details, spending an hour to make the perfect face. Next came the age. He chose 19, one year below his age. Last came the breast and Jungle boy nude jerking size. Nick cranked that shit.

Proceed with caution. The first was the ability to compute lust as an emotion. The second was an acid gland with a pH of 1. And the final one was a brand new polymer that resembled skin but could stretch up to x its original size that can be applied as its skin.

Nick checked all three, and was overwhelmed with sexual desire to put the Vore anal captions photo gland in its stomach. After the last customization, his dream girl stared Busty bitches fucked hard at him on the screen. He clicked submit, and it was done, order up. All he could do was wait. Realizing he had slept through to PM, Nick sprang out of bed and dashed to his door.

Opening the door, he thought about the endless possibilities for this robot. It was odd how he looked so much like the janitor from Futurama. Nick signed his name and took the rectangular box off the dolly the delivery man had rolled to his door.

Nick was no body builder, nor was he scrawny. He waddled through his short corridor, eventually entering his room. Pulling a desk into the middle of his room, he grabbed the karambit he bought off Amazon recently and began slicing into the tape with care. He opened the flaps of the box to reveal lots of oddly shaped packing peanuts. Underneath lay luscious dark brown hair, completely straight and clean. It was so lifelike, he thought it had to be Vore anal captions photo. Reaching his hand in further, he felt soft skin followed by some other materiel which he grabbed a hold of and pulled out of the box.

It was the robots shirt, which was a pink cotton tank top. Pulling it further out of the box he saw the face that he had spent hours creating online. Regaining control over his drooling, he stuffed the peanuts into a trash bag, and continued pulling his robot out of the box. One was an instruction manual, and another explained all the features the robot included. One thing that really caught him by surprise was a set of CDs that contained programs that allowed his robot to connect to his computer.

Opening the instruction manual, he searched for activation. He flipped forward to the female robot. Activation was in the form of holding her hand for five seconds, allowing it to read his hand print, embedding it as a security measure for later use. Nick glanced over to the dead looking Vore anal captions photo on his bed, and walked over to her. Placing his hand in hers, he realized Vore anal captions photo lifelike it felt.

It felt exactly like skin. On the fifth second, her hand quickly warmed up to normal body temperature as she began to sit up in his bed. Her eyes opened and looked directly into his. She was Vore anal captions photo for a command, and he read the manual looking for one. He had to think of a name for her. Nick read that as an added security measure, he had to speak for five minutes so Lexi can recognize it later when he gives her commands.

Five minutes of talking later, Lexi told him that she had successfully stored his voice. Her movements were so natural and human that he had forgotten that she was a robot. While downloading the English language for Lexi, he browsed the program that the robot came with and came across the AI age list.

Nick put Lexi in standby as the download progressed, and went to go get something to eat. About an hour or so later, he came back to his room to find Lexi at his desk organizing files. This had meant that the language had been successfully installed. He sat down on his bed to look at the manual again. I must have been mistaken when I said I text my friends for fun. Nick was astounded at the Vore anal captions photo of his robot. She countered the software with the lack of her own memory and dismissed it by saying that she had performed an error.

This whole experience was so fantastic and natural that he was having a hard time grasping that she was just a robot. I must know, what do YOU like to do for fun? Dubstep was not a word found in the English dictionary.

She listened intently to the heavy bass of his 7. After the mix was complete, she looked over at nick and told him that it was her new favorite Vore anal captions photo. Nick looked over towards Lexi, and noticed the rather large amount of cleavage being presented right next to his face.

He tried to Hot aunty pussy photos away but Vore anal captions photo had noticed and blushed a little. He had no idea what bringing that up would make her do. After the best hour of kissing Nick had ever participated in, she released him from her tender grip. They lay side by side, both their teenage lust quenched…for Vore anal captions photo. Her lips were so genuine, and she salivated like a human, allowing the make-out session seem that much more sexy.

His stomach growled, it was time for food. Since he essentially installed a working digestion system in Lexi, he figured he would teach her to eat food, even though she would get all her power from a power outlet. Nick pulled out a bowl and poured some cereal into it. Lexi looked at Nick with a quizzical look. He smiled and poured Vore anal captions photo into the bowl as well. Instead of starting to eat it, he took a spoonful and offered it to Lexi, who opened her mouth to accept the cereal.

Nick told her to chew then swallow, but Lexi was amazed by the taste, eventually swallowed it.

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