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  1. Low cut, loose fitting tops. a favorite trick of matures to get close to young guys. just let that nipple slip free or a big ole utter flop out and you own him. i know, i' ve work it.

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Actually, the secret is communication, and communication is essential to developing an anal only relationship that is mutually satisfying and rewarding, but the fact that anal and anal only requires and encourages good communication can help the relationship as a whole.

The need for communication and trust to make anal mutually enjoyable boosts your intimacy and makes anal sex feel so much more connected and intimate compared Tumblr wife anal sex vaginal, which makes the whole experience so much more intense and wonderful.

All these things combine to create a more full and wholesome sex life, which in turn carries over into the rest of your relationship and enhances everything. And if you have, share your own thoughts and experiences in the comments!

So the last time my gf had a clitoral orgasm was about two weeks ago. I absolutely love fucking her ass Tumblr wife anal sex looking down at her empty, untouched pussy. Especially when she gets so wet there that I can feel it lubing her ass up. Liza: Hi! Do remember to dilate though!

Something that several other anal only trans women have brought up in the past is the idea of having SRS with a decorative vulva created, but not actually focusing on full functional construction with an actual vaginal canal. I never did vaginal nor touched a clit, and I want it to stay that way. We sort of kissed and messed around no sexand she seems to be quite submissive when hot. Talk with her about it, and be open about your needs and desires, so she knows up front what you expect from a partner and is fully informed going into it.

If she is willing, be sure to take it slow with her and really ease her into it while making sure to focus on her enjoyment and pleasure. Get her to love and crave it, and your pleasure will join hers soon enough. As for a concern about her being introduced to anal first vs. But, communicate and make it something that you explore together as partners, if you do go down that route.

Good luck! Much of the content on this blog is oriented to women, or those who receive anal sex. Seems surprising, right? Anal offers all the pleasure and more, combined with increased aesthetic appeal, stronger intimacy, plenty of opportunities for fun variety, and unique benefits like natural birth control.

Unlike vaginal, anal is something that gets more fun the more you do it and done right, never gets boring. Anal only couples often talk about how before they went anal only, sex had gotten boring, but now even decades after going anal only, it still has a strong spark that excites them.

Other common concerns include hygiene and the need for preparation before sex. With some simple dietary adjustments and a basic cleaning routine, the former is fairly well mitigated, and preparation can be kept fairly Tumblr wife anal sex as well with a frequent anal play and sex routine as well as the use of butt plugs. Most such complaints result from having too little anal sex, not from having it more often.

The question is — should I be Tumblr wife anal sex with trying anal fisting, or maybe leave it as it is? To be completely honest, this concerns me a bit as well. Thanks a lot for your blog and for the answer. Sorry if my English is a bit weird, not my primary language. There are those who still use toys or other forms of vaginal penetration but who identify as anal only, so I think if being anal only is something that appeals to you, you can consider your arrangement to fit within that definition.

I think there can be some additional benefits to going fully anal only for some people, and generally encourage at least trying that too, but everyone is different and different things work for different people. Are those her only hesitations, or does she have others as well? What people equate with Free adult dating in freeport loose is actually an increased elasticity that allows them to expand larger, but Naked pregnant girl showing vagina Tumblr wife anal sex stay tight and closed when not in use.

There may be short term looseness after for a few hours, but things tend to return to normal quickly. Remind her of how rewarding vaginal fisting ended up being for her and with the pleasure Tumblr wife anal sex intensity Tumblr wife anal sex anal how great it could end up being as well.

Stop having vaginal sex or masturbating with vaginal penetration now and Tumblr wife anal sex to just anal for the rest of the Tumblr wife anal sex and beyond, if you find that you enjoy it.

The benefits of going anal only usually show themselves after about a Tumblr wife anal sex, once you get past the initial challenges, so stick with it! If you already regularly enjoy double anal, try doing daily double anal for the month, or going double anal only as some women are doing. If you have been taking part in No Pussy November, send us a message and let us know how things have been going!

Whether you just want to update us and share your adventures and excitement, or if you need advice or encouragement to keep going, all messages and questions are welcome! Jade: Hi, i never had a man in my life but i want to remain vaginally virgin. I bought a dildo 2 weeks ago to train me anally. First of all, be patient. Stick with it, and keep practicing and training regularly—every day, if you can.

The more you make it your normal routine, the more quickly it will start to become very pleasurable and something you not only enjoy, but start to crave. How do you ordinarily masturbate and orgasm? Does it involve vaginal penetration, or just clit stimulation? This helps to build up the association of anal and pleasure and unlocks the pleasures of anal.

If, after you start to really enjoy anal on its own, you want to shift away from clit stimulation as well and only focus on anal pleasure, you can do that, but when getting started, combining anal with things you already like can be a good approach. If your goal from the start is achieving an anal only orgasm, you can look at some of the strategies in our Guide to Anal Orgasms.

Also be sure to read through the rest of the Guide to Anal Sex and the Anal Only Lifestyle for lots of other useful information. By popular, though intermittent, request, there is Tumblr wife anal sex a new page on the blog to serve as Tumblr wife anal sex repository of anal only erotic fiction and stories. Otherwise, check it out and enjoy! I had always used lube, and generously, until Tumblr wife anal sex evening at a club.

I was dancing with a guy and went to the toilet. He burst in on me and we started making out in Tumblr wife anal sex stall. He soon had his dick out and spun me around, yanked my skirt down. I started babbling about Tumblr wife anal sex control and he said not to worry, wiped spit on his cock, slid it up and down my arse crack then nudged against my anus.

I was surprised at how easily it entered me. The fucking was pretty vigorous and I slumped down until I was leaning prone over the toilet seat while he hammered away. Afterwards I expected to be sore, especially as there was no lube, but there were no bad effects. Continue reading on the Anal Only Lifestyle forum. November 23, Comment. November 21, Comment. Thanks for the message!

Whatever the goal in that regard, I recommend anal only for everyone interested! November 19, Comment. Thank you for your blog, which I knew from tumblr, and thanks in advance for your reply. November 17, Comment. November 16, Comment. Tumblr wife anal sex luck to the both of you! November 14, Comment. Stick with it! Together we can all go anal only! November 12, Comment. Can you give me some advices? Good luck, and feel free to follow up with more questions! November 10, Comment.

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