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When I made an account on SeekingArrangements. I apologize for the asterisks and quotation marks, but it gets a little more complicated than just that, which is why I wanted to interview a variety of users. Plastered all over the site are warnings about secrecy, privacy and discretion. So, I decided the best way to get some answers without getting kicked off the site was to play along and ask the Sugar Daddies who messaged my account as Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in zenica questions as I could before they got tired of me.

Almost none of the Sugar Daddy profiles include photos, and if there are public photos, either their faces are blurred or only their abdomens are showing. I wrongly assumed these were for nudes, but turns out it's just for married, year-old men to selectively reveal their identity.

Which brings me to my next point. One message I received said:. But I do relish control. Most men say they're very busy, have a stressful career and are just looking for something drama free and easy.

Scheduling is of the utmost Japanese upskirt panty peek, as well, and each Sugar Daddy I encountered was very specific about wanting to meet either once weekly, two to three times a month or even less frequently.

Each time I began to negotiate an arrangement, the conversation took a turn from overly friendly and immediately seductive to very formal and business-like. Although I'm not Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in zenica that right away.

And I'm not expecting that every time we meet. Hopefully, Submissive wanted by sugar daddy in zenica is not a problem for you. At first, I thought I had hit the Sugar Daddy jackpot. Then, he asked if I would wear handcuffs while we watched.

So, realization number three: Seeking Arrangements also seems to be a hub for fetishists, which makes perfect sense. In a way, isn't the whole arrangement a bit of a fetish in and of itself? Of course, that doesn't take away the fact that it still just feels like premeditated prostitution. But hey, if you're willing to watch Netflix while wearing handcuffs, eat grilled cheese sandwiches in bed or bang a married dude, maybe give Seeking Arrangements a try. Edit Article Add New Article.

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