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Vikki selected something sexy for work. Watching Jake jerk off last night had been revelatory. It had taken Jake to make her realize that simply being appreciated as a sexual object could be a great feeling. She had been alone for so long and now she enjoyed being at the center of attention with men imaging doing things to her body. The timing of her realization was perfect. That morning Vikki had a division wide meeting at work. So she dressed for her entire staff to spend the morning staring at her.

Vikki put on her a beige suit, with a skirt barely covering her ass and a top over which her tits poured. She looked in the mirror. She also wondered if Jake had learned his lesson from the previous night. If he had, she could dress as she Milfs with sexy red nails without worry of Milfs with sexy red nails his lecherous stares.

But if he continued to check her out that meant she could tease even more mercilessly and could probably look forward to seeing more of his nice hard young cock. Downstairs, Vikki sat on the couch waiting for Jake. She wanted to be his first sight when he came downstairs all tired and sweaty. So far he had shown equal interest in her legs and her tits, but he must prefer one over the other, a preference she could exploit. She listened closely and did not hear the sounds of his workout.

He must be sleeping late after last night. Mmm, Vikki though, his discipline is slipping. Vikki loved her walk into work.

From her parking space to her office door, she got a lot of approving looks from the males in the office and Milfs with sexy red nails lot of shocked looks from the women.

Laura wore a gray pencil skirt with back pleats, a white French cuff shirt, Milfs with sexy red nails Gabriella Rocha Danette 4-inch black pumps. In those perfectly proportioned pumps, topped with a decorative buckle, Laura stood slightly taller. After all, I want my underlings to be able to speak their minds. Is there a problem with my presentation that you wish to discuss? The division meeting went spectacularly well. Vikki made short comments before and after each speaker, introducing them and leading the discussion afterwards.

The last person to speak was a new member of her staff, a recent MBA grad named Alex. He particularly impressed his boss with his views on how to make the company more female friendly. We should celebrate women obtaining their true desires. Once a woman vows to get what she wants, she becomes fully actualized; unstoppable and irresistible to men. Thank you. He was brilliant and fearless in his work, but he was awkward with large crowds.

Come up here. Vikki tapped her foot. This company is going to be pleasing a lot of women thanks to him. Vikki saw Laura roll her eyes at the back of the room. The secretary had showed up just in time to watch the meeting wrap up.

After the meeting ended, Vikki had an urge really to show Alex her appreciation. But then she had a better idea when she noticed Rachel, a short but very buxom young marketing research associate. Rachel was very eager to get ahead. Vikki stopped her before she could leave.

I love your outfit by the way. Where did you get those shoes? She still had a little baby fat, so the extra lift, mixed with her double D breasts, made her the perfect sex kitten. You want to find some one up and coming, a man who pleases his bosses, and Milfs with sexy red nails everything you can for him. I think all the women in the room felt like he was talking directly to them.

I am leaving this meeting very pleased with Alex. You could be part of some amazing things with him. No, I have my own special relationships. In case I need to get involved or offer guidance.

How does all that sound to you? Vikki was grinning too as she walked back to her office with Laura in tow. She just wanted to reach her office. She pushed her thong to the side, feeling the wetness drip out of her pussy. She used her nails to tease her clit. Then she dipped two fingers there. She loved the sensation as her cunt slowly gave way to the pressure and her wetness surrounded her two fingers. It was so fucking hot, whoring out Rachel like that.

And the whore loved it! Vikki leaned over her desk and continued masturbating until she came. Vikki had only an instant to decide what to do. She pulled off her soiled panties and tossed them into her top drawer.

Then she smoothed down her skirt and opened the door. Her hips swinging, Vikki felt completely recharged and ready to take on the world. Driving home, Vikki reviewed the events of the day. Alex had come out five minutes later looking even more dumbstruck than before but also wearing a large smile. Milfs with sexy red nails gripped the steering wheel as her pussy called out for more attention. No more joking around, she Milfs with sexy red nails to get laid, and sooner rather than later.

Maybe as early as that night. She felt a new wave of arousal as she passed her favorite bookstore. She pulled the wheel and made a sharp left into the parking lot.

She sighed as she let go of the wheel. If she really wanted sex, she needed to take the initiative. No more whining; just get it done. As she walked around the store, she spotted her friend in the Finance section. He was a medium Mature sex mates in gonaives man in his late 40s, with just a little gray in his temples and beard. He was wearing a dark suit without a tie.

She strolled past Milfs with sexy red nails, close enough that he could smell her mix of perfumes. He identified the odor at once and smiled at her. She stopped at a shelf close to him and pretended to browse. That book you have in your hands right now, the author, he filled for bankruptcy 6 weeks ago.

Something like Milfs with sexy red nails Try this one out. Do you have a card? She nodded and opened her pursed. She retrieved a card and handed it to him. My son is waiting for Milfs with sexy red nails. Vikki returned home to a quiet house. She assumed the house was empty and then saw a light in the kitchen. She opened the door and found her son and Marie inside. Jake must have already eaten. Marie was scrubbing down the table.

Jake stood behind her and Milfs with sexy red nails her tight ass peak out under the shortest skirt Vikki had ever seen the servant wear. Vikki felt immediate jealousy. Was Jake already fucking their maid? She probably encouraged them. It also made Vikki proud.

That on her own she had raised a strong, confident, very handsome young man. There was no way all her hard work would be wasted on some maid.

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