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Update Account. He was tired of being a bug under glass in regards to Seireitei. He was getting his powers back but he didn't want to fight any more. He wasn't expecting for things to go so much better for him in the long run. Kaya didn't expect to be trap in an interrogation room with the most notorious Yakuza Boss during a power outage.

Would she let her temptation get the best of her as the blue haired Panther King glaze kept making her squirm. Grimmjow Ichigo fucks matsumoto yoruichi and hinata OC pairing. Bleach: Holiday Special! Bleach: Beach By : c0p13r Published : November 23, On the beach: scantily-clad, buxom women with mischief in their eyes? Ichigo and the others don't stand a chance. Orihime's punishment By : S. Corsette Published : September 19, The war is lost, and now Ichigo must Ichigo fucks matsumoto yoruichi and hinata at the hands of Aizen's cruel intentions.

Will Aizen find what he's looking for from his captive, or will he regret what he sows as time passes? Before they leave for Soul Society, Ichigo and the others share the summer festival together. Tatsuki, sensing that she will be left behind, wants Ichigo to stay Gap By : Animorphia Published : July 10, Ichigo x Ulquiorra.

Ichigo has to take a quick decision when Ulquiorra appears in front of him again. He saves Ulquiorra and is slowly pulled into the Arrancar's pace. Six months after the Winter War Yoruichi gives Ichigo a treasured suit to hopefully restore Breast milk women( naked) powers Now, in addition to her new "armor" Ichigo has to contend with her friends who don't know that the mysterious heroine is Ichigo and the Soul Society who wants her captured!

Sweetie By : c0p13r Published : April 14, Ichigo's the goal, but before him is the game, and Orihime and Riruka love playing it. Orihime ventures to Hueco Mundo to check up on Nel, only to catch her and Halibel in the middle of something and gets dragged into it Various mini stories, with the occasional Ichigo fucks matsumoto yoruichi and hinata. These are between 2 to 10 parts long. Love can be complicated but with the right person or persons, it can be beautiful. Sorry about the OC's.

Elated Demons By : c0p13r Published : March 28, Blood soaks the battlefield so demons Big bbw bounce busty xxx dance.

Blood and male-rape warning. Consequences of Rain By : c0p13r Published : February 10, Kon goes to school in Ichigo's stead. At school, he's surprised to experience a fire drill. In the confusion, he sees Chizuru move into a vacant classroom. Curious to see what she's up to, he sneaks into the room. Together, they bond over their mutual attraction for Orihime before it Ichigo fucks matsumoto yoruichi and hinata up.

In chapter 2, Chizuru reminisces about a dream she had involving Orihime and Tatsuki. An outside the box story of transcendence, sex, and willpower. Two factions are tirelessly warring to eliminate one another. The Gehjoven are cruel roughnecks with an all-male military well known for poor conduct.

The Jhezen are wealthy, well supplied and have an honorable military. What happens to the lives of their soldiers because of this conduct? If you do not like these things this is not the story for you. You've been warned.

With warmth the frosty ice over a chilled heart may melt.

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