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Jul 20, AM. Okay so I was having a discussion with this girl who puts pictures of her in a bikini on facebook and she says it's not half naked, being in bra and panties is half naked. And I think it's practically the same thing but she's convinced that she's right and I'm wrong. What do you think? O last edited Jul 20, AM new. Uh, did she just say that being in a bra and panties is being half naked? Isn't a bikini a sorta bra and panties????? I think you're right Hahah thanks. Jul 20, PM. Yeahhh, what?

Basically it's the same amount of fabric. I wonder why that is. I don't see the point in bikins, to be honest. Somehow, it's socially acceptable to wear a bikini which often has LESS material than a bra and pantiesbut if you're in your bra and panties, you could actually be arrested.

The sense in this society sometimes Half naked bikini girls none. Well, the point of bikinis is that you're outside and it's really hot.

But still. Anyway, I never wear bikinis because I hate my stomach Amy anderson nude pics okay so there's no debate then.

Jul 21, PM. I don't get it either. I guess people hold swimwear Half naked bikini girls a different standard than regular clothing? Still doesn't make much sense to me. It's okay to wear a bikini to the beach, but I hate it when young girls my age make their profile Half naked bikini girls of them in one, posing where there boobs are Half naked bikini girls hanging out.

Then they have like 20 comments and stuff Really, it just sends out a bad message about yourself and you're pretty much asking to be called a you-know-what. And what would your family members think of you? Usually you shouldn't care what others think of you, but in this case it's setting yourself up for trouble and gossip. Anyways, I got a little of track there. What are we talking about again? Oh yeah, bikinis being half naked. My dad's always asked this question, and me too.

It is half naked, I guess, but I don't know. I guess society thinks it's Wai thai massage blackcock What about guys only wearing swim trunks?

Isn't that half naked? Half naked bikini girls hate when they take picture from about looking down there chest ugh, i think it is half naked but its okay thats really weird to think about, i never wear bikinis.

Jul 22, PM. I'm hawt! Except bikinis are different from undergarments in an innapropriate way. Like bra and underwear say "Sex" and bikini says "sexy". You're still wearing the same amount of clothing. Not to mention bikinis are actually skimpier than your underclothing. It honestly makes no sense to me. You're at the beach, it's okay. It is pretty confusing. While bikinis may not Half naked bikini girls like your half-naked to some I think it is. It's just another way to show off your body without seeming totally.

Jul 23, AM. Its pretty much the same thing they show the same amount of skin on someone. Haha yeah pretty much. Lol they're guys! Idk, atleast they're Adult archive movie review long as shorts Daddy fuck sissy caption of them.

Jul 23, PM. Oh gosh. Guys should not wear Speedos. I have that image in my head now Half naked bikini girls scarred for life Haha im on a swim team so im use to seeing guys in speedos.

Me too - or I was. But guys didn't really wear speedos. Just one. He was a swimming freak and wore speedos one year to cut down on dragging since the trunks drag. It was hard to talk to him. I was like, "Uh huh Lol everyone wears speedos on my team. Not really you get use to it after 3 years.

I was swimming in my dream. Jul 24, AM. The point of bikinis is to use them for swimming and being in water. It's not like you're walking down the street with just a bikini on. Actually people do that. And they walk on the beach. Point being, weather it's okay or not, it's still half nude. Kayla Lia Wayland Malfoy wrote: "The point of bikinis is to use them for swimming and being in water.

But bikinis say "swim" ya know? Yep yep, that doesn't matter. It could be true, it could be absloutely okay to wear bikini, all I'm saying, again, that it IS half naked! Most bikinis cover less than your average undergarmets. Some bikini bottoms border on being thongs, while tops are so low cut that sometimes, you might Half naked bikini girls well not bother wearing anything because you can see so much.

I dunno. I'm, personally, against bikinis. I like a tankini; I feel perfectly covered up without anything skin that shouldn't be showing. Jul 24, Half naked bikini girls. I wear tankinis too Half naked bikini girls my tops are still Half naked bikini girls. And is the argument that it's wrong to wear a bikini or which is worse?

And you're acting like its the biggest deal in the world when it's not. In europe there are nudist Half naked bikini girls ant they don't care. What about guys who wear speedos? Wouldn't they be considered half naked too?

I dont know Kayla Lia Wayland Malfoy wrote: "okay but what about those one pieces that have like a plunging neckline in the front Half naked bikini girls bac and show off your sides, I feel like those are more revealing than bikinis. And is the argument that it But they can show more because they have less private parts.

I would never wear either of those to a point where someone besides myself could see I mean, it's essentially the same thing. Jul 25, AM. It is.

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