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People defecate from that area, and I felt my mouth had no business being down there. My friends convinced me that ultimately I would have to get over my mental thoughts of licking a toilet seat and just do it…. Loved performing oral on my first three girlfriends. They all had perfect smelling undercarriages. Mistakenly assumed all women are peaches and cream down there. Hooked up with a big mess of a girl one night in my mid-twenties, lost boner, and made up excuse to leave immediately after the smell coming from her panties made me gag Going down on black women white men three feet away.

It was similar to a haribo in appearance, shine and texture plump but not as chewy as an actual haribo thougha vibrant color and perfectly symmetrical as well. I hate it. But the thought of having to put having to put my head back between your legs is enough to go flaccid and make me queasy. Not into that, sorry. Plain and simple. It makes my jaw and tongue sore. There are so many things I enjoy more and would rather do, so I usually go for one of them…. I like the female body a lot, but the genitalia itself—I find it not attractive.

I have never understood why some men say they love it. On top of this, I am very afraid of STDs. I never have sexual contact without a condom. On that front, I am a lucky guy. I love blowjobs; they are the best. It is disgusting to do. It bleeds profusely every month. The pee from it never can quite get cleaned properly. She will sometimes wrap her legs around my head to encourage me to do it more.

She loves every time I do it. Almost like Impmon fucking renamon naked something disgusting when you are a kid like beetroot or prune juicebut being forced by your parents to eat it or not be allowed to play outside with friends.

Especially the legs and feet. I also love the golden nectar that comes from that magical place between those legs. But you really need to keep that vag clean. I never liked the smell, regardless of the level of hygiene a girl possessed.

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