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Gabrielle was only sixteen when her parents divorced, but she stayed and lived with her dad. She and her mother had always had a rocky relationship and her dad was They did everything together. But something lurked inside Gabby for a long time. She didn't discover what it was until she turned eighteen. She wanted a baby. Gabby wanted life inside her, growing and swelling her tits with milk.

Knowing how disappointed her dad would be if she didn't have a career in place, she put off her obsession for years, however the day dreams of thick Cum face gabby her sperm swimming up her cervix to fertilise her egg, never ceased. John, Gabby's father, came home to his daughter sobbing at the kitchen table.

An untouched coffee sitting in front of her. She still looked beautiful even as she wept. Her green sultry eyes were red and puffy.

Her long, dark hair was usually well styled but was now in a messy bun on top of her head. Daddy, what if I'm barren? What you need to do, is fuck someone who already has kids. That way you know they can knock you up. Thank you.

With phone in hand, she Cum face gabby her ready to flee the kitchen. The material of the red mini dress she wore to garner attention from whoever gave it to her, finished just beneath the cushiony globes of her buttock but clutched to her like a second skin.

Someone that knows you well but has children Naked vagina sugar mummy can give you one. He's known you for quite a while. You do love this man Who is it, dad? Why don't Cum face gabby her give you a baby? I've fathered you. I can support you and the future baby. It's wrong. He reached out and took his daughters arm, tugging her over to him.

She dropped onto his lap, and rolled his hips, his cock growing harder and pressing into the clothed crevice of her ass.

With the barrier of their clothes, John continued thrusting his hips towards her; his lips Cum face gabby her the sensitive skin of her neck and using his mouth to bite and tease her flesh. One of his hands moved slowly up her thigh, under her skirt to her panties where he used his fingers to rub her clitoris fiercely. It didn't take Gabby long to start trembling under his dexterous fingers.

How long has it been since you actually came? All those inept boys and I bet not one of them knows how Cum face gabby her pleasure you. I'll let you come. Right here, right now and any other time you want to fuck your daddy.

Nobody knows you better than I do. It didn't seem wrong anymore. She racked her brain trying to find one reason why she should say no, but came up empty. You want daddy to give you a baby? She looked Cum face gabby her and saw in the mirror the usually creamy white skin flushed with red.

Her breasts were swollen. She sat there on his lap, her legs spread like a slut, her daddy's hand on her Cum face gabby her, with the tell-tale signs of orgasm written all over her skin. The erotic sight sent a shiver through her.

Her daddy watched her reflection, lifting his lips in a smile before he guided his lips to her plump ones, before using his tongue to explore her mouth. She kept one eye on her reflection; as their lips danced, she adjusted so she sat only on one knee and then she rocked her hips back and forth, her sensitive clit already awake Cum face gabby her it rubbed on the denim of John's jeans.

How much you want my sperm to impregnate you. All that remained on her body was the red lace panties that she knew were soaked from her juices. With steady hands on his other leg, she forced herself to grind harder, rubbing her clit frantically. Gabby watched her lush breasts bouncing with the movement, Cum face gabby her them move freely before her father took one in each hand; moving his fingers to play with her pink nipples.

She stopped moving for a moment, pulling her panties to the side giving her clit direct access to her father's leg. With just a few more thrusts of her hips, she smeared her cum all over his pants.

Do I deserve your sperm? Helping her come down from the orgasm she just shared with him. Her breathing evened out, and before long, Gabby had fallen asleep on his lap like she did when she was a child. Careful not to disrupt her now sleeping form, John lifted her into his arms and carried her to his bedroom.

He Cum face gabby her her softly on the mattress and began working on cleaning up after their creative lovemaking. John looked to his leg and smiled at the wet patch on his pants. Then using a damp cloth, he cleaned the juices from her leg.

His daughter was so beautiful, and while he wanted to fuck her senseless, he knew he should 'save' his baby batter for when she was ovulating. He laid next to her, cradling her in the crook of his arm while she slept. The sun had well and truly set by the time Gabby stirred. When she opened her eyes to a dark room she was, at first confused, but like they were flashbacks, the afternoons events replayed.

Her father putting her on his lap. His skilled fingers on her pussy. Grinding all over his leg. She crawled back into the safety of her daddy's arms. Rubbing a hand Cum face gabby her his chest. He reached to her chest and took one perky nipple and rolled it between his fingers.

For supporting me and my desires all these years, and now agreeing to finally give it to me. It's the best gift you could have ever given me. I'll go check. And you're going to eat Cum face gabby her foods with more folic acid, you're going to make sacrifices to your diet for your pregnancy and they're going to start now. But how will you be going all this time without blowing your load? I can go a Cum face gabby her while. You're going to starve for my cock and my cum and I'm going to bury myself in your pretty little cunt.

You need to be primed and ready for me. No orgasms for the next eleven days and I'll make sure you come at the moment Cum face gabby her release my sperm. A primal need came Cum face gabby her her and the eleven days felt like a lifetime. Every night she slept in the crook of her daddy's arm, she would wriggle playfully on his Cum face gabby her wood until he slapped her ass hard.

Gabby looked at her father and what he was doing for her, and she saw so much more than she ever had: protector, lover, father to her future children. By the time the bell on her phone notified the pair of Gabby's peaked fertility, they looked to each other; taking a moment to kiss before the chaos of tearing their clothes off ensued. Gabby laid back where she was wanted, laying on her back with a pillow under her cervix. John kneeled between her legs, placing his lips on her pussy, sucking on her clit Cum face gabby her lapping at it Cum face gabby her a melting ice-cream.

She writhed on the bed beneath, her head rocking from side to side. He slid one finger inside her, then another, and after a few thrusts with his fingers, he added the third finger. The movements of Cum face gabby her fingers and the licking of his tongue made Gabby shake and scream as the Cum face gabby her came over her.

Before the aftershocks from her last climax, her father brought another orgasm sweeping over her. I just want you inside me. I want that baby so much. John aligned the head of his prick with her cunt, the head went in first before the rest of his cock had filled her to the hilt.

Her legs went up on his shoulders. And he fucked her ferociously. His cock hitting her fertile cervix and before removing himself almost completely before ramming her full of Cum face gabby her dick. His balls swelled as the sac hit her buttock. Without warning, John came inside his daughter; spraying his cum over her cervix. His body and prick convulsed simultaneously, spraying her with six streams of potent baby batter. He collapsed on top of her, his cock softened a little but still remained semi-hard inside her.

They didn't want any Cum face gabby her that delicious baby juice to escape.

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