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Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full Women discuss their first orgasm. Gets Me Girls crying after anal sex I enjoy anal sex to a large degree. The first time I did it was to please my boyfriend but I ended up enjoying it myself.

I personally like to be held face down and have it forced on me. Yes, at first it hurt a little. However, it was well worth it. If I would have known it felt like that I would have done it years ago. Happy Bunny Anal, I love it. It has to be my favorite sex act. We usually do it times weekly. Loving Bond My husband and I have been having anal sex for about 15 years now. We both like this kinky exercise.

We have Women discuss their first orgasm strongest orgasms then. Our naughty sex practices are a firm bond to our relationship. My preference is anal sex with me in the doggy position. Once his head is in he pauses and gives me time to adjust. I love anal sex! He literally ran Women discuss their first orgasm the bathroom and grabbed the lube. But with plenty of lube, and patience, and it was a mind-blowing first time.

Just relax and he will slide right in. Like they say, too much lube is almost enough. Just remember to relax, and Women discuss their first orgasm I stress the lube! Better Than Vaginal Six months ago I finally got around to trying anal sex. The best sex in my life. My husband was not patient, but I took it all the way in. Harder Is Better Use a lot of lube. And the harder he pounds it the better it feels harder is always better. It only Big butt porn thumbs for a minute, then the pleasure is overwhelming.

My Special Treat I Women discuss their first orgasm in a recent committed relationship with a man much older than myself who has taken me to new heights of sexual pleasure I could only have imagined!

Lube up your hole and the butt plug and either insert it yourself at your own pace or have him do it with your guidance. I used to hate anal sex before we got a butt plug. Now I look forward to it and actually ASK my husband if he wants to do me in the ass. He has never refused! Try it! I have had the most fantastic orgasms in my life though my ass, but I have had to teach my husband to be gentle at first because the shock is too much.

Women discuss their first orgasm after a few minutes he can be as hard and rough as he likes and I love it. I Ask Him for Anal I never liked the idea of anal before, but my husband always says he loves my ass and is so turned on by it.

I let him tongue my anus all the time, but finally I gave in and let him do my ass. We used lots of KY and he started off with fingers, then a butt plug he bought. Want to Try It Again I tried anal sex last night. It was the first time, and we used a lot of lube. It was very uncomfortable at first, but then it got really fun.

I am excited to feel what the second time is like. Dirty and Fun I absolutely love anal sex. Yes, it does seem a little dirty and that makes it even more fun.

I am blessed with a husband who is rather large so I have to take some extra precautions for myself. There are numbing agents out there that work great, like Anal EZ with a little benzocaine in it.

It even prolongs him sometimes. Worked wonders! Ready to Enjoy I love having anal sex with my boyfriend and I love when he goes inside me bareback. Dragon ball z bulma xxx always take at least two enemas prior to anal sex, and I feel very clean inside.

Actually getting the enema is part of our foreplay and we both get very aroused when doing it. He will then use a small vibrator just inside the anal opening. If you take it slow and easy, you will love the way anal sex feels. Lube is essential and so is the position.

I like it doggy style with a very pronounced arch in my back, but spooning is also cool. She might even let you try DP. Best Sex Ever My first time was with a guy I had been fooling around with for a few Memek cewek sma lagi di entot and we wanted to try something new. One day while I was taking a shower he came in and we started to have sex in the shower, a few minutes into it he stopped and started to Women discuss their first orgasm it into my ass.

He knew it was my first time so he was really gentle and took his time putting it in. The water from the shower and his patience made it the best sex I have had. Start Slow The first time my husband and I tried anal Women discuss their first orgasm about 2 years ago, and I told him it was just too painful for me.

This time he used petroleum jelly, and let me tell you that does wonders as lube. It still hurts at first, but after a few thrusts, man, it feels amazing. Just Do It I was the girl who told herself she would never attempt anything like anal sex. You Women discuss their first orgasm not know that now.

I was scared at first to have anal but once I tried it I was hooked. To any woman who is a little scared but deep down would like to try it, do it. First you must be very relaxed.

It felt so good we did it twice in one night. Natural Juices For me, liking anal sex was a matter of deciding for myself. Personally, I got tired of someone else having all the fun.

Really great sex that gets me real wet is the best way to start. After that my own juices are exactly the lube I need to have really great anal sex. Heavenly, Erotic, Intimate I very much enjoy anal sex, and have for years. But with a man who was clearly going to be tuned to my sensations and stop if there was any pain, and willing to play with me with foreplay, it has become heavenly. Weird but Good My first experience was SO weird, but it actually felt very, very good.

I had the best orgasm that I have ever had in my life! Use lots of lube and enjoy it. The guy was much more experienced and drop dead gorgeous. He was gentle at first. The best way for us is Women discuss their first orgasm me to lean back, supporting myself with my arms and having my knees up. Otherwise I love it. Women discuss their first orgasm feel a lot closer to him. Total Control I had my first sexual Women discuss their first orgasm through anal Women discuss their first orgasm, and I had the greatest orgasm of my life.

Something about my man being totally in control just got me off. The first time you have anal sex it hurts like heck, but just like sex, the more you do it, the easier it gets. At first it hurt tremendously but my partner was very gentle and patient. This was so incredibly good. I liked it so much and still do. Now with my boyfriend, we do Women discuss their first orgasm once in a while and it hurts only on insertion, but he uses lots and lots of lube and he is very gentle.

All I Need I have the most intense orgasms you can imagine, even better than vaginal. Because so few women are willing to try or are unable to make it through the penetration, your partner will appreciate you forever! The reason it worked so well was because I had lots of practice time by myself for months. I loved it and I was asking for it days later. He also came in me from behind and I loved the feeling.

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