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Below is a brief summary of some of the issues dealing with this subject. I hope it might help. This is one of those hot buttons on which there is a great deal of Naked girls full clear and what is given here by no means touches all the bases. Summary: The Bible no where specifically forbids or denounces masturbation. It does, of course, denounce all forms What did bible says about masturbation sexual impurity and fantasies that would involve adulterous relationships whether actual or mental.

The problem with masturbation is that it not only can become habit forming and addictive, but men and women often engage in pornography and adulterous fantasies in order to reach a climax. Further, the difference in sex drive in a couple is often not the real problem or issue. It is rather a breakdown in the relationship and in an understanding of the role of sex in marriage as that which not only gives pleasure but expresses love, unity, and commitment to each other.

Masturbation expresses the opposite unless done with the other partner. The husband may experience orgasm with his wife without actual intercourse. If away from his wife and he is experiencing strong sexual desire and he can have an orgasm by thinking about his wife, etc. More Detail: As mentioned, the Bible does not directly address the issue of masturbation or What did bible says about masturbation self-stimulation of the sexual organ to the point of orgasm.

It does warn against all forms of self-indulgence, adultery of the mind, and fornication. One of What did bible says about masturbation problems involved is that though God created sex for enjoyment and pleasure, it is to be confined to the marriage relationship because it is also designed to express love not just sexual loveunity, and total commitment.

Here are a few of the dangers of masturbation that some have listed:. Psychic effects. Masturbation has a tendency to isolate its captives psychologically and socially. In masturbation, the person is focused on self-alone even though he or she usually is fantasizing about someone else at the same time.

Emotional deprivation. It is impossible for the one who is practicing this habit to experience What did bible says about masturbation full extent of sex emotions. Therefore, in short-circuiting the emotions one can easily be removed from the world of reality.

Damaged sensibility. The habit of masturbation has a tendency in numbing the mechanism of the sexual organs if practiced excessively. This lessens the sensibility and thus detracts from normal sexual relations of married life. The emotional background of self-gratification is not the least bit healthy and usually militates against the home, wife and family because it is focused only on self. Control of the mind.

Along with the act of masturbation comes the fantasy of the mind. Thus, perversion has a tendency to control the mind and this in turn initiates the act. The real danger lies in the guilt that increases as the individual dwells in this world of fantasy.

Much more could be said, but this will give you a few things to think about. There are plenty of theologians and pastors, etc. The Place Where Everyone is Welcome. You are here Home. Does the Bible say that masturbation is a sin? Here are a few of the dangers of masturbation that some have listed: 1.

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