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Our models are underweight, skinny, thin, bony — just like you. We want you. Regardless of the costs, we want you to join our agency. Let's face facts, on anorexic porn websites, men Super skinny anorexic girls masturbating watching your pictures. You are a superstar of starvation and if you were selling and marketing your frame you would be more wealthy than most of us because men would pay any price for watching those pictures.

This was the email Sasha McDonald was sent last year from a pornography agency specialising in anorexic images. McDonald was 15 when she was first diagnosed with anorexia nervosa.

I didn't realise the danger I was putting myself under. She wrote a blog of her battle with anorexia, recording the small amounts she ate and publishing photographs South indian aunties photos only herself in her underwear as evidence of her emaciated body. I relied on the judgments of the friends I had made on pro-anorexia websites because I assumed they were people like me — scared, depressed, exhausted and battling an illness that torments you continuously," says McDonald.

But McDonald was horrified when a fellow member of one pro-anorexia website emailed her requesting that she join a pornography agency. McDonald also found that emaciated photographs she had published of herself on her blog had been posted on anorexia porn forums for users with fetishes about Super skinny anorexic girls women to admire.

Bones and ribs must be very visible. If their BMI [body mass index] is above 15, they are not attractive," says one forum user commenting on a skeletal photograph of McDonald. McDonald, now 19 and training to be a doctor, had recovered sufficiently to avoid being drawn into the world of anorexia porn, but others with eating disorders have not been so fortunate. Anorexia porn is growing in popularity and the prevalence of pro-anorexia websites is making those with eating disorders easy targets for grooming.

Vulnerable users of pro-anorexia websites are increasingly being courted for their emaciated frames by pornography agencies specialising in images of extremely thin women. One anorexia pornography agency admits Cartoon free porn pics paying owners of pro-anorexia websites for each person who joins it after being contacted via the sites.

The Super skinny anorexic girls agencies' websites have two roles. They sign up new clients and advertise images, films and escort-type services, such as body worshipping, fantasy role play and private photography sessions, for those "hooked on skinnies".

Some of this porn is free to access while other "professional" agencies charge a monthly membership fee for regularly updated sexually explicit images and videos of emaciated women. Agencies also host anorexia porn on YouTube and advertise on anorexia pornography forums. These forums often offer advice on how to groom users of pro-anorexia websites into taking and sharing explicit photographs of themselves.

Anorexia nervosa has the highest mortality rate of all psychiatric illnesses, but in the UK, those with the mental illness have no protection from online exploitation. The legality of anorexia porn means that indecent images of vulnerable adults can be freely published. But even Super skinny anorexic girls material is not illegal, it is open to anyone concerned about the content of pornography websites to ask the relevant internet service provider to remove them.

Samira Jay feels she had a lucky escape. Although she believes that pro-anorexia websites helped her to realise that she had a problem, Jay admits Super skinny anorexic girls she would never have published explicit photographs of herself if she had known that they were being used for sexual gratification.

Now 19, and studying in Newcastle, she developed anorexia at Most users posted photographs of their naked bodies because when you have anorexia, the eating disorder is the only thing you feel you are good at, so it gives you a sense of achievement. Experts agree that much more could be done. Vulnerable people are often not able to make good decisions for themselves and they need others to help protect them," says Jennifer Perry, an e-crime consultant.

Currently, the most effective Super skinny anorexic girls to address this problem is education and discussing how people Super skinny anorexic girls being approached and exploited. Many feel that much of the onus should fall on internet service providers.

Jay acknowledges that she is not fully recovered, but she now speaks out about her historic use of pro-anorexia websites to make vulnerable people aware of the dangers of using them. This article was further amended on 12 September Following further research, a case history originally included in the article has been permanently removed because of insufficient verification. Some Super skinny anorexic girls have been changed.

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