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He was frozen. There was a scrape of Rear window defogger switch ford escort at the garage door. He glanced with the look of a frightened deer.

There was Mrs Reilly's second maid, Dorothy, dressed in grey uniform with white pinafore, eyes ablaze, broad lips wreathed in expectant grin. She took in the scared white boy, facing off to the side, hands hovering around his waist- near-nude. Doris and Dorothy were from Alabama. In both there may have stirred age-old race-memories. A hint of plantation life, a notion at once sexual and historic: the slave-owner's son, arrogant and proud, stripping to the buff Power relationships shifted, here in the spacious, three-car garage.

The white boy being ordered out of his clothes. In a soft voice Doris ordered him to take his boxers down. He stayed frozen, heart beating. Doris moved to him and reached for the hem of his shorts. She paused. Then she Spartan girls challenging boys them down to his knees. They stuck there.

His cock dropped free, Spartan girls challenging boys in foreskin. He knew he was doomed. He bent and pulled the boxers down and stepped out of them. He folded them and placed them on the saw horse and faced the maids- yes, naked as a robin, nude as a Spartan girls challenging boys hands folded over his groin.

His shaven groin. Not a hair. Not a bit of fuzz. No stubble. Shaven twice a week by Milly. Johnny felt strange all over. But, here in his birthday suit, he wouldn't have changed places with any boy in all of Minnesota. They beckoned him to follow them- one on each side- into the warm sunlight. The three of them walked the curving garden path, Johnny rubbing against each of them, taking short steps as he pressed his soft cock and balls into his groin, the sun now all over his skin.

His nostrils filled with the flavour of recently turned soil, of roses and lilies, of freshly mowed grass. He felt sun on his butt. It kissed both his cheeks. It reminded him that he was nude. Mrs Reilly's vast three story house, with its turrets and attic windows, its wrap-around porches, Spartan girls challenging boys stained glass and ornamentation, loomed above them. Was she looking at him from one of those high windows? The boys of Brewer were terrified of the lady and the spanking and supervised masturbation sessions she encouraged their mothers to join and her love of full nude punishment for males.

And they were terrified of the alliances she had struck with school doctor and Kinsey sex researcher Dr Ida Speight, with drama teacher Miss Cuff, with some of the cheeky and confident girls at their school. They entered an alcove enclosed on three sides by two wall-like hedges and a trellis thickly layered with climbing roses and ivy.

Asiatic lilies filled the space with perfume-like fragrance. There were more earthy smells of leaf mould compost. A wooden A-frame ladder stood near the trellis and its roses.

Gardening tools littered the lawn. Johnny was brought face to face- groin to groin- with two boys who had gone through Grover Cleveland High some years ahead of him. Rickey Fasolt, tanned all over, stood garden pruners in his gloved hands, with his perky six inch cock poking parallel to the ground.

Johnny noticed his penis had a heavy, mauve-coloured glans. He thought of the expression, bell-end. The boy was not embarrassed by his nudity and made no effort to shield Brook sheilds nude pictures erection from Doris and Dorothy. They had seen it so many times, Johnny guessed, there was no point in shielding What it looked like- stiff!

Yet Rickey seemed to like showing it off. Johnny savoured this. This guy liked showing off his cock. Even stiff. To dressed females.

He gonna be working with youse in the garden here. Mrs Reilly says no covering up here. He caught a glimpse of Dorothy: her eyes were sleepy, insolent and aimed right at his groin. He felt the excitement of being looked at, naked, by a dressed female. His cock began to lengthen. He saw Doris smile. She was looking direct at his groin, must have noticed the stiffening.

Dorothy said, "His Mommy must shave him down there. Brad, with his blond crew cut and body builders physique, stood with one bare foot on a shovel, at the edge of Spartan girls challenging boys flower bed. The heavy gardening gloves just made him look all the more buck naked. His fleshy, wide penis Spartan girls challenging boys between his thighs.

And he noticed Brad was uncut, like him. He noticed that Brad made no effort to cover up or turn sideways, seemed happy for the two maids to see his cock. Doris and Dorothy moved off, giggling. As they vanished from sight Johnny though he heard the expression, "white boys' wood. And one of them said, "nude as a needle.

Shit, thought Johnny, it's normal now for these guys to be stark, totally nude in front of these two Negro maids! And these two guys And the thought made his cock stretch more, the rounded head projecting out of its cloak, as if to ask, what's going on here? It was pink, with its big slit like an upside-down grin. Brad and Rickey noticed and grinned.

Brad had square teeth like Chiclets. He was said to have been the most handsome guy in his school year. Makes you look bigger. Spartan girls challenging boys you get stiff easy, like us. That's cool," he said, perfect teeth flashing, nodding at Johnny's prick. His hardon's always bobbing ahead of him. As for mine Brad laughed and shrugged. His cock stretched some more. They just laughed. And it's a real buzz! He dug away at the garden bed, finding weeds.

Johnny could see Rickey's pouting hole, surrounded by wiry auburn hair. Even his scrotum- tiny, ball-like- between his thighs. On the other hand, you can be like us- let 'em see the works, let 'em see you stiff and enjoy it.

For the filthy thrills! His penis jolted again. Stretched Spartan girls challenging boys full length Spartan girls challenging boys began to rise. From over the high hedge there came the sound of car doors and flighty ladies' voices; the front Spartan girls challenging boys of Spartan girls challenging boys house opening, the Alabama accents of the maids welcoming the visitors.

Mrs Reilly's latest trick. She lets 'em photograph us fellas naked and they all get their pics developed at Donovan's Johnny, his own penis curving from his groin, absorbed this news. Something stirred in his tummy, at the idea of ladies looking at photos of him nude and erect. Beyond the hedge there was sound of car doors, women greeting one another and entering Mrs Reilly's hallway.

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