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Stone has never paid attention to the typically puritanical limits of the Hollywood and the US reagrding on-screen nudity, including that very famous full-frontal moment. From Basic Sharon stone nackt foto to a recent girl-on-girl moment with Sofia Vergara in Sharon stone nackt foto Gigolo, the blonde bombshell has raised temperatures for over three decades.

Incredibly, though, her four filthiest films were made in four years between and Of course, it is impossible to start anywhere else but the moment that has become an iconic and notorious moment in cinema history.

Sharon Stone's open-legged interrogation scene in Basic Instinct caused a huge controversy when the film was released back in Since then the debate has raged about whether or not she was naked and an entire generation or two wasted endless hours trying to pause a fuzzy video screen and see. Stone's terrifying and tantalising Catherne Trammell didn't just toy with Michael Douglas' Sharon stone nackt foto detective. She also enjoyed equal opportunities with the ladies.

The film also features one of the filthiest three-way dance scenes when the bisexual murder suspect's girlfriend Roxy, played by Leilani Sorell, joins in. Douglas' alpha-male moves are tough to top Sharon stone nackt foto most actors — but a stripped and pumped Sylvester Stallone gave it a try two years later in The Specialist. The movie is ostensibly a revenge thriller about Sharon stone nackt foto hitman and the mafia.

In reality it was an exercise in two Hollywood stars flaunting every inch of their tight and toned bodies.

The famous shower scene walks Bella edward jacob porn videos fine line between lascivious and ludicrous as body parst and egos collide in graphic detail.

Sandwiched between Basic Instinct and The Specialist was 's Sliver where another Hollywood Hot sexy techno girls tried to hold his own and inevitably failed. An initial NC Sharon stone nackt foto scared the studio amid rumours that William Baldwin had also gone full frontal.

However, extensive reshoots made the sex scenes considerably less graphic and incredibly resulted in the identity of the killer being changed.

The blonde beauty demonstarted the uninhibited approach to on-screen sex scenes that would catapult her to worldwide fame the following year and, unfortunately, forever overshadow her own natural acting talent.

It is a basic human instinct to always focus on the sex but it has also guarnateed that film fans will always have a Total Recall of this partucular star. SG Sharon Stone's sexiest movies. Total Recall is on ITV tonight at 9. Play slideshow. Scroll through Sharon Stone's sexiest movie moments. Dakota Johnson puts on very busty in Florence for the Gucci Cruise. Billed as an "erotic muder thriller" the movie was originally a lot more erotic.

Stone, needless to say, still managed to get topless. Jessica Alba stripped bare: Her sexiest X-rated movie scenes and pics Demi Moore stripped bare: Her sexiest X-rated videos and pictures Jane Seymour stripped bare: Bond beauty's sexiest movies and gallery.

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