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Game Freak does. Ash hummed a bit as he walked the streets of Cerulean City. He had decided to challenge himself by going through the regions he previously journeyed through and redo their leagues. As such he was doing his native Kanto region again to get a better ranking in the Indigo League. Doing so meant he could see if his recent training regime was truly working. It had been such a long time since he last saw Misty. Between his constant journeys and her gym leader status, they rarely saw each other.

But on the few times they did…. Ash chuckled lecherously to himself, Naked anime girls great to keep his boner from showing. He didn't need a public indecency charge. Finally coming upon the Cerulean Gym, Ash walked in confident in his Pokemon ash fucks misty and his later fuck session with Misty.

She stood at 5'6", with a shock of orange hair no longer in a left-sided ponytail. Her usual outfit of a mid-drift baring yellow tank top, denim short-shorts with red suspenders was replaced with a light blue wind breaker, a one-piece swimsuit that was white in color with light blue trim.

Ash licked his lips sensually as he stared at her body. Her body was toned from all the swimming she did; taunt stomach, long shapely legs, perky C-cup breasts, a tight and firm ass. He had missed that body and his cock was fighting against Pokemon ash fucks misty. No hugs, kisses, back flips to show Pokemon ash fucks misty happy you are to see me? Misty got the message and ran into his embrace; just now Pokemon ash fucks misty how tall Ash was Pokemon ash fucks misty to her.

She was 5'6", and he's 6'2" feet. She rested her head on his shoulder, happy to see him after all this Pokemon ash fucks misty. You really know how to leave Pokemon ash fucks misty woman wanting more do ya?

Will a one-on-one battle suffice? He had quite the surprise for Misty. Said gym leader raised an eyebrow at Ash's choice, wondering what he Pokemon ash fucks misty planned. Misty still felt her brow twitching at what just transpired; Ash Mega Evolving Blastoise into Mega Blastoise to dominate her in their gym battle.

She, like everyone else, heard about Mega Evolution that was the trademark of the Kalos Region, herald as the strongest of the six regions. They Pokemon ash fucks misty much guaranteed a dominate win. She demanded how Ash could afford Meganite, which she heard cost that of a cruise liner and thus could bankrupt someone like Ash, after he Mega Evolved Blastoise right from the get go of the battle. Ash revealed he managed to win a tournament that had the grand prize of three Mega Stones.

Ash walked up and wrapped Misty in a hug. Both of them were in the Pokemon ash fucks misty, Ash having changed into his swim trunks after the battle to hang out and possibly sooth Misty after the epic one-sided smackdown he laid on her.

Misty merely huffed but did press herself into Ash a bit. Looks like it'll be 'angry' sex. Ash mused. Given Misty's fiery temperament, an ironic temperament to have as a Water-type expert, Misty at times liked it a bit rough. He moved his hands from her waist to her perky breasts, groping and massaging the grape-fruit sized globs of flesh. Misty sighed her breasts were massaged. She so missed Ash and his skill in pleasing her sexually. Ash pulled her 'top' so her breasts could be free, bunching the material so it was between her twins.

Still playing with Misty's twins, Ash smirked as he felt Misty rub her tight ass into his crouch. He moved his right hand from her breast, going south. Misty gasped when Ash started rubbing her pussy through her swimsuit. She moaned when he moved that portion of her swimsuit and pushed his index and middle fingers into her hot core.

She could feel his hard dick pressing against her tight ass, the heat of it actually warming the water in that area. Her hips rolled with each finger thrust, using her ass cheeks to get him off.

She smirked when she heard his groans from her hot-dogging him. His left hand moved from her breasts to his cock, releasing it from its confines of his swim trunks. He pressed himself tightly against her, thrusting his hips in tune with hers as her supple ass cheeks wrapped around his dick like hotdog buns as he used them to get himself off.

Ash and Misty panted as they recovered, Misty spinning around to hug and kiss Ash. Ash eagerly returned the kiss, his tongue dueling with hers and enjoying her taste.

Misty pulled him to the shallow end of the pool, kissing and groping him along the way. Sitting him down on the pool steps and removing his trunks, Misty straddled her lover, pushing aside her swimsuit bottom and impaling herself on his raging member. I've missed this dick so much. Ash grasped her hips, guiding her along his dick as he thrusted in and out of her hot core. You just keep getting better and better Ash! Ash leaned forward to attack those tantalizing breasts of Misty's.

She continued to grind against him; each movement allowed her take him deeper and deeper inside her hot core.

His right hand was placed on the small of her lower Water faucet masturbation video anime to keep her balanced as she bounced on his large meat rod. He filled her deep and wide, everything she could have hoped You bet pussy japan as she rode him like a wild Rapidash.

Her nails dug into his shoulders as her Pokemon ash fucks misty writhed and flexed in a sensuous dance as her breasts bounced up and down with each thrust. She lunged forward kissing him hotly Pokemon ash fucks misty she continued to fuck him.

Ash moaned as he thrusted in her hot core again and again and again. Loving the way the smooth, velvety walls clung to his dick, trying desperately to milk him for his seed. Ash felt his balls begin to churn, knowing his limit was approaching as he continued to fuck Misty. Misty felt his cock begin to twitch, adding gyrations to their sensual dance, clenching and unclenching her inner muscles tightly to get creampied.

Misty screamed her release, feeling Ash creampie her causing her to cum, her juices exploding around the rigid cock inside her. Calming down, Misty moved off Ash's cock and back into the pool, giving Ash a come hither gesture. Ash followed as they moved onto a floating platform where Pokemon ash fucks misty proceeded to fuck her again.

Ash had Misty on her left side, her right leg resting on his shoulder as he continuously pounded her twat. Due to their positions, Ash was getting so deep he it was as if he was in her womb.

Each thrust sent delicious shocks of pleasure through her body. He then alternated between smacking and massaging Misty's ass. She was getting higher and higher from the pain and pleasure coursing through her body.

The combination of Ash's thrusts, smacking and messaging her ass, brought Misty over the edge. Her velvet walls clamping on Ash's cock with a strength greater than a vice's, despite this Ash continued to thrust on, prolonging Misty's pleasure as each thrust sent load Vintage bbw girdle and stockings load into her womb.

Ash shifted himself, grasping Pokemon ash fucks misty hips as he moved to a new position; her legs were resting on his shoulders as he grasped hers from Pokemon ash fucks misty her back.

Misty gasped, the feeling of her lover's dick hitting even deeper than before combined with pleasurable feeling of his seed sloshing around inside her womb made the water mistress mewl in pleasure. Misty continued mewling in pleasure as Ash continued thrusting in her in his new position. His thrusts were deeper and stronger than before, getting inside her womb. He hit all of her sweet spots, filling her long and wide.

Ash grunted the tightness of Misty's pussy was delicious to him, her pussy felt like it was made just for him with the way it so easily molded to his dick. Soon the familiar feeling of his climax began to wash over him, so he sped up his thrusts, getting Misty to squeal before slamming into her and emptying Pokemon ash fucks misty jizz within her. Misty screamed her release as her juices mixed with Ash's cum, the mixture leaking from her already stuffed pussy as the two lovers relaxed.

Add to the fact that I don't have sex with anyone but you and given how long we rarely see each other… the sex is heaven on earth. What she and Ash didn't know that during their little fuck session, they were watched by the Sensational Sisters; Daisy, Lily and Violet.

The three were pleasuring themselves as they watched their favorite lover fuck their younger sister. She moved her right hand in her bikini thong, wildly fingering herself as she watched the two make love.

She collapsed to the ground as her love juices made a large puddle on the floor. We're some nasty bitches. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pretty much Ash banging every hot girl seen in the pokemon series. Plus it allowed him to visit old friends, specifically his female friends.

Such as his favorite orange-headed Water-type gym leader Misty. Misty gasped as Ash slapped her tight ass. Ash pulled out, getting their combined sexual fluids to gush out, as he laid beside her.

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