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  1. Cuando estés flojita de tu ano, que te la ensarten y empiecen a bombearte por la cola y tu sigas mamando al otro.

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My girlfriend and I have been battling recently over a medical question: Is there benefit to urinating while you're in the shower? I have long held as "common sense" that peeing in Piss on your feet shower can actually tame if not cure common problems like athlete's foot and other skin fungi. My girlfriend thinks I'm just into some weird fetish. Maybe it's because I have better aim while "curing" my foot problems. More than who's right, which theory is right?

After that you start getting into some serious flakes. Urine therapy in various forms has been around since time immemorial. Instinctive answer: Of course not, nitwit.

Diplomatic answer: OK, delete the nitwit part. But Josh, honey Transparant blouse mulai images tamil, the answer is still no. It can cause itching, cracking, and red, scaly skin; sometimes large pieces of skin peel off, leading to secondary infections. To grow and breed, the fungus burrows into the upper layers of skin and feeds on the keratin that keeps your body germ-resistant and watertight.

It also causes the basal skin cells to divide more rapidly, making the skin thick and scaly; in severe cases the fungus spreads to the nails, which thicken as well and turn yellow. Because the fungus likes things warm and damp, it survives well in such places as gym showers and locker rooms, and can be easily contracted by walking or standing barefoot thereabouts.

Steady, lad. If you get infected anyway, the standard over-the-counter treatment is one of those topical antifungal creams or powders you see advertised on TV. However, side effects of oral antifungal treatments include liver and heart problems, so try the topical kind first. In fact, because the compound can break down proteins, preparations containing up to 40 percent urea are available to treat nail fungus and even remove toenails nonsurgically, although they take days to work. Send questions to Piss on your feet via cecil straightdope.

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