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We live in rural Pennsylvania, around a large Amish area. I am not Amish, Nude amish girls naked have many Amish friends. An Amish family owns the the farm next to ours. They have a large young family, all hard working and good neigbors.

Their 6 kids are range from s old to s old, 5 daughters and 1, old son. Very pretty young ladies, in fact striking beautiful girls. Tall, slender, blonde blue-eye girls. Of German descent, they are traditional heritage. The 3 oldest, 15, 12, and 11 are Nude amish girls naked just beautiful girls.

Always dressed in traditional Amish clothing in long dress, and bonnetts, haired pulled back. If their religion had allowed it, I am sure the old could have modeled bathing suits.

She had developed boobs, hard to say what size though her loose fitting dresses but I would guess them to be 34b. Always mothering her younger sisters. Here name was Clara. She appeared to be flatchested when you saw her, but I was to find out she was not! Clara, Rosie and Becky always road their bikes to school everyday. It was right in front of me, as she rode into the wind she had to stop and struggle to get it pulled down.

I was caught red handed by her sisters staring, as it was a beautiful sight, a very small perfect triangle of blonde hair surrounding Nude amish girls naked little pussy crack. The bike seat was protruding out of the front of your pussy lips and the seat was helping to spread her lips also.

It truely was a great sight! Her sisters laughed and laughed, and talked amoung themselves in the Dutch language. Rosie laughed again talking in Nude amish girls naked and they road Nude amish girls naked. I have to admit, I got the old dick out and gave it a good beating thinking about that beautiful virgin pussy i had seen earlier in the Nude amish girls naked. Later that week, as they headed home from school again, Clara and Becky were far past my mailbox, and Rosie was a considerable ways behind.

By chance we meet at the mailbox again. She stopped and we talked. School, cows, corn talk. Yah alot she said, she still is. Then Rosie said but i saw you were looking. I swallowed hard and said i guess but not here. We she showed up just before 8pm.

I was on the back porch and she rode right up to the steps and jumped off her bike. I got her a Pepsi, as they never had one at home, and we talked for awhile. I said no. She said how about Becky and i again said you all are gorgerous girls.

I said again all of you. I had never heard her or any of them ever use any profanity. I was surprised. Rosie again said i saw how you looked and looked and then said do you want to see mine?

Up it went and she was exposing her little bare pussy! Nude amish girls naked totally hairless, with just the beginnings of her pubic hair visible. Her pussy lips were swollen and red and i knew she was excited. I said they both are great. OMG what a sight, the flat chested little girl, i thought was not so flat. She said clara said i think he liked it and i laughed and said i bet he would like to see mine and beckys too and we all laughed.

Long, down her shoulders blonde hair, all pulled up in her bonnett, blue eyes with i would guess a 32 22 30 figure. I said Rosie do you have to get home she said not not until dark, and thats like 2 hours from now.

I forgot to say that i was a single guy, well divorced, and lived alone. I figured these girls to be sheltered, shy and reserved.

I pulled my underwear down and i said do you want this she said yup please i said lets go inside the house Rosie up to my bedroom she jumped up and i grabbed her hand and we went upstairs. Rosie said it was the biggest she ever say, but had only seen 4 of them. I will post again if Rosie and i do it again, or if anything happens with Becky or Clara. Straight by master on December 28, Processing your request, Please wait Rate your experience on a scale from 0 to Report Abuse Other.

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