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One of the biggest names in action movies, Jason Statham is something of a big-screen legend. Known for his incredible fight scenes, chase scenes, and for his amazing ability to do all of his own stunts even when they get dangerousStatham is rapidly becoming action royalty. But how much do you really know about this British star? At least, you would be forgiven for thinking it is if you are using Google to try and figure out how old he is.

Even IMDb, a usually reputable database, lists Jason statham sex scenes birthday as July 26 th, as does the main Google search result. However, while the day and month are correct, the year is actually wrong. Statham was born in — putting his actual age closer to forty than fifty. This has been confirmed by the star in multiple interviews, including with the New York Timeswhich listed Jason statham sex scenes age as 34 back in He also publicly celebrated his 37 th birthday in with a party at Planet Hollywood — but for Pussy photos of virgin girls reason, the majority of websites continue to print the wrong date, adding five years to his age.

Eight years before Statham made his film debut in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrelshe was a professional diver — a far cry from his current status as an action mega-star. His love of diving started in school, and he was a member of the British National Diving Jason statham sex scenes for over a decade.

Inhe was a member of the British diving team competing at the Commonwealth Games, Jason statham sex scenes he took part in the 1 meter and 3 meter springboard and the 10 meter platform events. He may not have brought home any medals he placed eight in the 1 meter, and eleventh in both the 3 and 10 meter eventsbut even taking part in the Commonwealth Games is a level of athletic success that most swimmers only dream of.

His time as a diver was a springboard pun very much intended! Statham was spotted training by Sports Promotions, an agency that specializes in sports models. Statham did everything from catalogue modelling for sports brands such as Adidas, Timberland and Lacostehigh street chains like French Connectionand for global brands Jason statham sex scenes Tommy Hilfiger and Levis. Jason statham sex scenes Ritchie was looking for authentic characters and fresh faces, and asked Statham to sell him some fake jewelry as an audition.

Richie ended up walking away with the Jason statham sex scenes, and Statham walked away with the part! Each ad Jason statham sex scenes Statham waxing philosophical about salmon swimming upstream, a Mexican fisherman, and the relative speeds and ages of animals — Jason statham sex scenes with a finishing reminder that taking a break is a very important part of living a good life.

He occasionally plays for the US football club Hollywood United FC — a team founded in the 80s by Sex Pistol's guitarist Steve Jones and some of his British expat friends all of whom were equally famous. Statham also plays a much less physically demanding game — chess. He has a longstanding rivalry with Guy Ritchie, with the two often playing on set. Jason statham sex scenes to Statham, Ritchie is no match for him, and even owes him money from past losses on the board.

As well as his talents on screen, in the pool, on the pitch and over a chessboard, Statham has considerable talents in the ring Arab curvy hips pussy an MMA fighter and an expert kickboxer. Statham has an incredibly distinctive voice, which would prevent him from being the kind of voice actor who takes on ten different characters in a single show… but he has still managed to lend his voice to two video games and an Jason statham sex scenes film.

It was a surprisingly cute film choice for the intimidating action star, although the movie failed to really impress the critics. Not everyone is as talented as you are, Jason! Unsurprisingly for a man who does his own stunt work, Statham has had a few close calls over the years — more than one of which was on the set of the Expendables franchise.

During filming for The Expendables 3the actor was filming a scene that should have seen him drive a truck, stop the truck, get out, and do some shooting. Statham was tied to the nose of the seaplane, where he was buffeted by mph winds during the dangerous stunt. After the scene was shot, it turned out that it was even more dangerous than they expected.

The plane engine had been leaking, and it could have literally fallen out of the sky! Post filming, that particular plane was turned into scrap metal. He apparently picked up some bad habits from dear old dad, however, and when it came time to actually take his test he failed. Two or three times, according to the actor himself. He spent time with champion Damon Hill before filming the remake of The Italian Job to ensure that he was more than capable of holding his own in the car chase scenes.

The actor and his ex-girlfriend, Kristin Cavallari, partied into the wee hours of the morning at the music festival, before absconding with the golf cart and ending up on a main road. The actor complied, which means that not only was he nearly arrested for joyriding in a golf cart, but that a Palm Springs police officer sent Jason Statham to his room like a naughty child!

Taking on a ridiculous number of bad guys, his character Frank Martin has to resort to some interesting tactics. First, he gets shirtless something to make many viewers extremely happy! The fight is on, and in order to win, Jason statham sex scenes gets a little slippery… by dumping a vast amount of crude oil over the floor, himself and his opponents.

It allows him to literally slip between their fingers, before snapping the pedals off a bike and using them to gain both traction and an advantage. The scene ends with Statham using the oil like a slip and slide to burst out of a window and into the water below. And the heinous behavior that got him kicked out? Refusing to pose for photos with the girls. If that is the case, his photo-free plan clearly backfired, as his eviction from the mansion has since become the stuff of celeb legend.

A lesser known Spider-Man villain by the name of Vulture, to be precise. The character is a bird-inspired villain who uses his powers Jason statham sex scenes flight, super strength, and high-level intelligence to battle the human Spider.

Although the original version of the character first appeared in the 60s, before Statham was born, the action star was the inspiration for the Vulture artwork in the Ultimate Spider-Man comic series. Comic writer Brian Michael Bendis requested that artist Mark Bagley draw their version of the character resembling Statham, and although it is far from a direct cameo, the inspiration is clearly visible in the artwork.

It would have been incredible to see, but Statham dropped out of talks, and the character never showed up in the second season of the hit show. Anybody could do it. Leave A Comment. You Talkin' To Me? Martin: Top 10 Characters, Ranked.

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