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If there's one thing the s and s gave us, it's a whole host of incredible cartoons. Whether you were If cartoon characters were in college Nicktoons fan, a dedicated Cartoon Network watcher, or a bit of a channel-hopper, there were plenty of animated shows to get your teeth sunk into! Many of them featured young characters around If cartoon characters were in college same ages as us, which made them all the more engaging.

The shows fed our imaginations - sure, we may not have had fairy godparents, and we may not have had the chance to save the world on a regular basis, but our favorite cartoon characters did! We also got the more realistic shows that depicted life at home and at school, teaching us valuable life advice and lessons without us even realizing.

Those clever TV animators Many of the best cartoons of our childhood ended while their characters were still kids themselves. Of course, this has begged an important question: what did they get up to when they were all grown up? Did our cartoon heroes and heroines live 'normal' lives like us? Did they graduate high school and even make it to college? So many possibilities! Where there are questions like this there are, of course, fan-provided answers, often in the form of artwork.

Even if we don't get canon confirmation that Scooby-Doo received a bachelor's degree, there's fan art out there that's made it happen- and he's not the only one. Here are just some of your favorite childhood cartoon characters reimagined as college students. Question is, which amateur sleuth were you?

I had the hairstyle If cartoon characters were in college Velma but the appetite of Shaggy Their young age is constantly referenced - who hasn't heard the classic catchphrase "I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids?

Of course, this has led many fans to imagine how the gang would turn out in their older years. Shaggy looks pretty much the same with his scruffy stubble and hippie style! Daphne and Fred are their usual preppy selves - they're probably the power couple of their campus, let's be honest. As for Velma, she's gone through a subtle but awesome style transformation!

While her classwork is probably her main focus, she's had the time to pick out a cropped-jumper-and-shorts combo. It's a cool twist on a classic character. Have If cartoon characters were in college ever wondered what Bubble, Blossom, and Buttercup would look like in their college years?

Did they really quit saving the world for a while to focus on their education? Would green, blue, and a pinky-red remain their favorite colors for all eternity?

Well, in this adorable piece of art by Dahae on DeviantArt, all of our questions are answered. The Powerpuff Girls are all grown up, and they look exactly as we imagined they would! For one, it still looks like Blossom is the unofficial leader of the girls, even in college. Look at that confident stance! She definitely believes in herself and in her sisters - as she should. She's still got her ginger hair tied up in her trademark bow, and her preppy dress is in the same shade of her old uniform.

You can just tell she's grown into a hopeless romantic. Buttercup is perhaps the most interesting character in this artwork, though. She's ditched her green dress for a sportier hoodie-and-shorts look, and she's definitely the odd one out of the sisters. You have to wonder: did Buttercup keep on hanging out with Blossom and Bubbles in college, or did she find her own, slightly less girly-girl-ish crowd to hang out with? Who knows Honestly, this college-age interpretation of Disney's Hercules makes If cartoon characters were in college sense.

There are so many modern twists on his style that ring true! We can imagine Herc's status as a literal demi-god would Bent over amatuer group ass him a pretty popular guy on campus. Who wouldn't want to be friends with one of the greatest heroes alive?

It's interesting that the artist has chosen to depict Hercules in his stronger, fully-trained form, rather than his slightly lanky teenage stature. He's clearly embraced his superhuman strength, which does make the fact that he's on his college's American football team a bit concerning. Yeah, we spotted that helmet in his hand! Would you want to be on the opposing team when a guy with unnatural strength is barrelling towards you?

Nope, me neither. Still, Herc would probably be a very efficient player - yet another thing to make him the hero of his university! There is one question we have about this college-era Hercules image, though. Why is he pouting like that?! Has he turned into one of those handsome yet arrogant college boys who think they're Zeus's gift to the world?

That doesn't seem like the Herc we know! Hopefully, it's just a phase Well, isn't this just incredibly adorable? As fans of The Fairly OddParents will know, lead character Timmy Turner spent much of the series being totally idolized by Tootie, a young girl in his neighborhood who had a pretty huge crush on him. In this piece by DeviantArt's LemonFoxthis childhood connection seems to have blossomed into a college-years relationship! Looks like Timmy didn't win Trixie's heart after all!

Both characters have retained elements of their original designs: Timmy still loves his pink-shirt-and-blue-jeans combo, while Tootie seemingly hasn't gone shopping since she was a kid. Ah well - her outfit is still super-cute! Now, one interesting thing about this interpretation of college-age Timmy Turner is the fact that his fairies - Cosmo and Wanda - are still present!

See them there in the top-right-hand-corner? In the show, Da Rules state that fairy godparents must leave their young charges once they've grown up, as Timmy quite clearly has here. Yet, they're still present! We hope that they've found a way to bend Da Rules and remain in his life indefinitely: Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy made a great team. It happened in the live-action Fairly OddParents movie, so it's a possibility! Although really, that questionable film is probably best forgotten She's smart, determined, and doesn't let anyone get in the way of her grand plans - even if this means she comes across as a If cartoon characters were in college mean.

What's the betting she's totally aced her high school exams to get a place studying business at a prestigious college? Adult Angelica's style is mostly totally different from her kid version's, which you'd kinda expect in a way. Lord knows most of us shouldn't keep dressing in the same way we did when we were four years old! Still, there are some slight references to her Rugrats -era self.

She's still got a purple ribbon in her hair, for one! You've got to wonder how Angelica fared at and after college, though. We can see her as someone who'd put her education and extra-curricular activities above everything else: she's hardly going to be the CEO of a company by age 25 if she goes out partying every night! Does she still If cartoon characters were in college in contact with her family while she's away, like her younger cousin Tommy? Probably not - she's far too busy for that.

However, is she as much of a feminist girl-boss as her mom? Angelica appears once again in this interpretation of the Rugrats as older teens. This Angelica looks a bit less confident than the previous version: instead, she's got the somewhat irritated expression that her younger self also wore a lot!

She's also got a slightly less formal style - maybe this college-age Angelica has made a little bit of room in If cartoon characters were in college busy schedule for socializing. In this image, she's hanging out with two of her childhood pals: Chuckie and Susi!

The former has barely changed, aside from the whole being older thing. He's still got his mop of bright ginger hair, and he's still got a bit of a neurotic air to him. Still, we imagine that brainy old Chuckie would excel during college! Susie's older self is also very true to her childhood style. She's always been one of the more outgoing Rugratsand it shows here!

She's cheerful, she's got a colorful sense of fashion, and she's apparently become a bit clumsy, too! Check out that cast on her arm! The detailing here is amazing - did you notice the signatures from the rest of the Rugrats characters that are scrawled across the plaster? We could spot Tommy, Phil, and If cartoon characters were in college names!

It's such a nice touch. DeviantArt's HotRod has got serious talent! Like, this person could have animated the actual series! They've got the characters down pat. This piece shows Kim herself, Ron Stoppable, Bonnie Rockwaller, and another character hanging out in their college dorm.

Kim seems to be teasing poor Ron a bit - the poor boy seems to have lost his trousers there. Bonnie, always If cartoon characters were in college to snidely laugh at the underdog, seems to be enjoying the scene that's unfolding. It's unclear here whether Kim and Ron are still getting up to their world-saving antics If cartoon characters were in college at college - or whether they're still a couple!

Whatever the case, these characters seem to be living a pretty stereotypical college life! There seem to be a lot of empty bottles everywhere, and the classic college-party-red-cups litter the room.

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