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We get that guys are into our boobs. But sometimes they are a bit too into them. Ever notice the guys that stare for a really long time? Or like to jiggle them? Or How man sucking boobs they are pillows? Or are way too fixated on the impact on your boobs after you gain or lose weight?

It's kind of freaky. Even if they are doing what we want them to do which we hope is the case in ANY sexual situationthey may not be very good at it. Boobs are curious in that men seem to be fixated in them for all sorts of reasons. It How man sucking boobs be mommy issues — is that sucking starting to feel a little bit more like he's breastfeeding?

Or is it just so rough that it hurts or is awkward and uncomfortable instead of sexy? Or does it feel so good that How man sucking boobs things are happening from your body on your own end?

All these things are very possible, and there's more that can be going on that you never even imagined. Here are TK strange things that can happen when he sucks on your boobs. You orgasm unexpectedly. One unexpected thing that can happen is orgasm. It's not disgusting, but it might freak some people out. Nipple-sucking can lead to this response in some peoplesays sexologist Carol Queen.

If suction is strong enough, Xxx porno kris jenner bit of fluid can be emitted, says Queen.

If you're lactating, a partner sucking your nipples will make them emit milk. We've all been on a hot subway or running around between appointments and noticed our boobs How man sucking boobs experiencing some sweat. Follow Us. Sign in. Photo: weheartit. Aly Walansky. Sex August 5, Strange doesn't even begin to cover it. Click to view 16 images. Christine Schoenwald. Read Later.

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