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Subscribe here to get the G-File delivered to your inbox on Fridays. I must be handled in a friendly manner. Merkel invited me. President Obama has responded to a renewed terror threat and chaos in the Middle East by redoubling his efforts to keep the boom in gun sales and NRA donations going for the rest of his presidency.

Donald Trump is concern-trolling Ted Cruz because other people might make a big deal Hillary clinton sex captions him being a Canadian sleeper agent. Rumors Hillary clinton sex captions his face will grace the new Darwin Award Medal remain unconfirmed. If he goes ahead with the concert, I have a long list of performers he should bring with him. Iran expedited its ballistic-missile program and the Obama administration threatened to do something about it but then chickened out.

North Korea detonated an atomic bomb which may have been a hydrogen bomb. Tits sucking by men Time magazine has already declared Donald Trump the winner. What could go wrong? As an intransitive verb, it means to have casual sex with many different women. Where Hillary clinton sex captions I? Investigators rummaged through his diary and he was hounded from public life. Then there was the fight over Clarence Thomas, who was alleged to have made a joke about a pubic Tight shirt teen girls selfie on a Coke can and asked a colleague out for a date.

And this was enough to make his accuser into feminist martyr. Carol Mosley Braun and Patty Murray ran for the senate in protest of the hearings, giving rise to the Year of the Woman. It was zero tolerance, not just for rape, but for even the slightest verbal misstep.

Similarly, the discussion on college campuses then would seem familiar to people today. Feminists were even declaring open war on the porn industry, something they would never dream of doing today. Enter the Clintons, a husband-and-wife team if ever there was one. The media, which loathed the Reagan-Bush years with a passion that hastened the demise of mainstream media credibility, saw Clinton Hillary clinton sex captions a redeemer figure in his own right.

He Hillary clinton sex captions also powerful. And as I Hillary clinton sex captions sayingpower corrupts the worshipper more than it corrupts the worshipped. Behind every story or allegation that made it into print there were dozens that stayed out of the papers but were nonetheless traded around Washington like baseball cards.

Moms mature drunk nudes were Hillary clinton sex captions just rumors. And when the time came for feminists and the media to choose between sticking to the zero-tolerance principle they worked so hard to establish and throwing a Democratic president under the bus, they chose to hold a fire sale on their principles.

Of course, in practice the one-free-grope rule became unlimited free-gropes. Every time a new allegation surfaced, the grope-quota would Hillary clinton sex captions expanded. Because, feminism! She was more left wing than Bill. She was also not just a career woman, she had a chip on her shoulder about it.

Candidate Hillary. I have no objection whatsoever to career women. But the important part of that line was her shot at traditional mothers.

How could it have been otherwise? Rather, it stemmed from the idea that she represented a kind of feminist ascendancy. From the earliest days, Bill suggested that he would have almost a co-presidency. She helped circle the wagons around his philandering. Fast forward to two weeks ago. Bill is popular, very popular. At the same time, feminists have finally completed their restoration project. The last stones have been mounted atop the wall of Zero Tolerance 2.

I particularly love the subhead on this Slate piece. Sanders should point out that she has a glass jaw — because of Bill. Oh, I very much doubt this will spell the doom of the Clinton campaign. But I cherish the possibility. My column from yesterday is a compare-and-contrast between how the media lionized Cindy Sheehan and has largely ignored Charles Woods.

The latest GLoP podcast can be found here. If you have ten minutes, I thought this was pretty hilarious. My wife and daughter went off to Hawaii on Christmas day, while I stayed behind to work on my book and attend to the Goldberg Quadrupeds and played an embarrassing amount of Unkilled on my iPad. The first problem: The dogs and cats love my wife, a lot. So for nearly two weeks, I endeavored to write my book while fending off one animal after another trying to climb onto my lap, which is particularly problematic since I work on a laptop for the most part.

I have to poop! Things got even rougher this week because my mother-in-law had a bad fall in Hawaii and my wife had to stay behind to take care of her. Things are looking better for my mother-in-law, but no word when the Fair Jessica will return. Anyway, the Dingo and Pippa are doing fine, for the most part. Though Pippa has taken to having complete breakdowns on the car ride to the park.

I had to install a dog barrier-fence thing to use the technical term in the back because she kept climbing over Peyton list nackt fake seat and trying to jump out the window or climb all over me while I was driving. I will double the beatings. You can find the missing links here. Where are all the aliens? How Star Wars became a merchandising phenomenon.

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How Chuck Norris helped bring down Communism. The many uses of the Bradbury building in film. What if every American secessionist movement had succeeded?

Typical: Cynicism may reduce earning potential. The Wizard of Oz alphabetically and chronologically resequenced. Flirting in the 19th century. Sign of the Apocalypse: A Hillary clinton sex captions for watching cat videos. Sign of the Apocalypse: Two-headed cobra found Pics porn kris and angelina breeder in China.

Bill Clinton on the campaign trail in Exeter, N. Zero Tolerance 1. Candidate Hillary I have no objection whatsoever to career women. The Bill Comes Due Fast forward to two weeks ago. Most Popular. White House. By Jim Geraghty. At some point in your development, probably in your younger years, you stepped into the world of politics out of curiosity and it lit something within you.

While lots of your peers found it boring, you started to feel like it was a grand crusade in the best sense. You had a set of values you believed in, ideas Read More.

By Rich Lowry. On the substance, Democrats have won the first two Hillary clinton sex captions of the Hillary clinton sex captions hearings by TKO. The facts have been in their favor, especially considering the ground that Hillary clinton sex captions Republicans have tried to defend.

At the outset, Republicans created an impossible According to a Quinnipiac poll, 36 percent of respondents had an unfavorable view of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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