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Not all of us can have slim, delicate faces and cheekbones that stand out and define us. Some of us are blessed with slightly rounder faces and full cheeks that bunch up when we smile.

If anything, you should be shouting for joy. Wearing your hair the wrong way can often make the roundness of your face stand out Hair for chubby face little too much, Hair for chubby face you look spherical and hiding your cuteness.

One of the best ways to make your chubby face look fabulous and a little less round is to frame it with various lengths of layers. Get your stylist to add lots of short layers, medium layers and long layers to give you a textured effect. I Hair for chubby face love the bob style — namely because as well as looking fabulous it works great on women of all shape faces when altered slightly. This will call attention to your jaw line and will make your bone structure stand out.

The curve of the style, whether you wear it wavy or straight, will frame your face giving it an almost angelic look. A classic middle parting may look great but they tend to draw attention to the cheek area, making your cheeks look fuller and rounder — not great if you already have a round face.

To combat this, experiment with different partings to see what effect they have on your look. A side parting always looks fab but you could also try wearing a zig-zag parting for extra oomph.

You may think the look slims down your face but in reality it simply draws attention to your round cheeks. Try wearing your hair in loose waves to give your hair volume, this look will help to slim down those cheeks instantly. Ask your stylist to give you some side swept bangs — this will help to draw attention to your eyes, highlighting them Hair for chubby face drawing attention away from the roundness of your face.

Sometimes highlighting what you think are your flaws can actually do you wonders. This is a beautiful style and, if you leave a Hair for chubby face strands loose from your up do, your face is still being frames slightly. If you have long hair and are proud of it then you Hair for chubby face always get simple long layers cut into your hair.

They still draw attention away from your face while allowing you Hair for chubby face truly make the most of your luscious locks. Once again, why are you trying to hide away your pretty, round face? Why not show it off and make the most of your curves? Sleek ponytails help you do just that. Having all of your hair pulled back off of your face helps show off the true shape of your face.

It also highlights the curve of your Hair for chubby face, the shape of your chin and allows people to see right into your eyes. To instantly make your face look longer and therefore instantly slimmed down, pull your hair into a high bun on top of your head. The extra height will completely change the shape and look of your face and you get to flaunt this incredibly popular and sexy style too.

Win, win! I mentioned the bob hairstyle before but I want to reiterate just how great various short hairstyles can look on women with round faces. They really soften your face and make the most of your curvy cheeks. This is a great look for Hair for chubby face with round faces.

The Hair for chubby face to making it work on a round face is to leave a few strands of hair loose the frame your face and soften your cheeks. It will have all the same effects on your face and will also give your hair depth and texture, drawing more attention to that therefore highlighting your round face less.

It really is a trial and error style — some women like it really messy, others just like a few stay locks of hair. Having really long hair does wonders for a round face.

It helps to elongate and slim down the look of the face and gives you one kick ass feature for people to look at. Similar to curls, they soften the look of your face and give Free anal movie clips hair volume and texture, instantly slimming out the Hair for chubby face of your face.

You can have tight waves, loose waves, half your hair waved or all of it. The matte, unkept look with look fab with your smooth hair so you really get the best of both worlds. If you want to draw attention away from the shape of your face with minimal fuss then an accessory is the perfect way to do just that. Simply pick one that goes with your outfit, slip it in a voila!

No one Hair for chubby face even be looking at your face. Pushing your pony tail or half up do skyward will instantly elongate your face. The extra height in your hair will make it appear fuller and thicker while slimming down the look of your face. This is a simple illusion that gives great results. Just add a bit of mousse or gel and work your fingers through your hair. Each hairstyle may work for each face.

If you have specific questions, then you will find benefit in speaking with your local hairstylist. They will be able to Hair for chubby face you the advice that you are seeking.

Their experience and ideas will help you make your final decision. Have a great day, Alexis! Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. By Nichola Moffat on February 10, Chubby Faces Hairstyles. Alexis Hair for chubby face 31, at am. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Posted May 11, 4. Posted April 17, 0. Posted April 7, 0. Posted March 19, 4. Posted February 24, 4. Posted February 18, 0.

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