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I can "submit" to a girl by being so turned on by every inch of her that I can even lick her ass Dammit Girls getting licked good, some of us are supposed to be able to focus on work after reading these Lmfao I just literally cried laughed so hard. Im the girl with the jellybeans question. Yeah, I guess I'm just Girls getting licked good the boring old-fashioned vaginal thing. Well people suck on dick and eat the vaginal area out Soo they same could be said "Why the fuck would you stick your tongue in a place where piss comes out of?

Sexual Health. Share Facebook. Girls would it turn you on to get your ass licked? Add Opinion. I never thought of this until a really horny girl I was having sex with started licking my anus while I was on all fours, she was licking my balls from behind, then switched to my anus I do it when I get very horny with a girl, I flip them over and get them to push their ass in the air and every girl I have done it to couldn't bear it - it felt TOO good!

Really lovely x. RMKforP Xper 1. Girls getting licked good starting, my Girl hesitates for showing me her Ass hole. But when she know that I really want love her asshole, she allowed me.

In starting, it was uncomfortable for both of us. But after try, we both r completely mad for that I love her Hottt Ass holl's taste n its special aroma. In period, it becomes more sexyyyyy bcoz of her blood. Absolutely love when guys do that. Do you know Girls getting licked good many nerve endings there are down there? It feels really good. Girls getting licked good lot of guys like to have their ass licked too. It's all about preference.

Try it out and see if you like it. No biggie if you don't. Show All Show Less. Try having it be the main act some time and rub the front. Xper 6. My guy did that and I didn't stop him, Girls getting licked good felt nice but I'm baffled as to why he'd want to!

I made him wash his mouth though before letting his Tongue back in other area, can't mix and match. What's concerning is that you don't think your hygiene is good enough. Sign Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Azdoc77 Xper 4. No ass licking does not do anything for me. Deep ,hard anal sex. But then I like really rough sex. I love licking a guys ass more. I've never tried it, so I really don't know. I'm not opposed to it, so if I ever find out I'll let you know :P.

Did you manage to find it out lol? Yuck nasty men your faces and mouths are going to smell like that Girls getting licked good booty. NO, if it was literally my anus I would feel really uncomfortable. Although licking or gentle biting my ass cheeks would be enjoyable. Oh good, read my last comment. If done right i feels so good.

After a good clean shower. I have never licked a girls asshole but i would love to lick it some time really does look delicious. Yes it does so delicious girl anus is so sweet and delightful, so try it. Shaun Xper 3. Related myTakes.

Show All. The Hot Girl Face. Most Helpful Opinion mho Girls getting licked good. Learn more. Yes No.

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