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We set out to take on the challenge of finding the most jaw dropping videos out there! We already posted the Sexiest Videos of All Time with the focus on old-school and contemporary music videos, and we also picked our Sexiest Music Videos of Be careful now, extreme hotness is about to burn up your screen, some of these bad girls are NSFW! Please take note: we entered the selected clips in no particular order, the numbers are for easy tracking purposes.

There are so many that could be the number one pick! There are so many attractive girls in this music video it might be too much to handle, high blood pressure and extreme excitement Girls dancing naked to music expected. Imagine a house party with twenty ridiculously hot woman dancing around in their underwear while drinking and having a good time just waiting for you to arrive! Band geeks are dreaming of the day when women of this caliber join their group of misfits.

The girls vs. This is the kind of party we should all be looking for! Nude sexy hot bhabhi photos wonder most men have a nurse Girls dancing naked to music You might miss out on the Girls dancing naked to music ladies applying the old spit shine on the office printer while dressed in high-heels and extremely short uniforms.

How many times have you heard the argument that blondes are hotter that brunettes or vise versa? Imagine a soccer game pinning the hottest blondes against the hottest brunettes you have ever seen to decide this matter. Yes, so hot! The hot girl on a copy machine will never be outplayed in our books. Corporate companies are far to stiff and serious for anyone to keep their wheels straight for an entire week. There is no better way to be reminded that the weekend is approaching with four attractive girls that look like they work with Harvey Specter taking their clothes off while dancing in unison.

The Island with fifty woman in bikinis playing instruments is the last place anyone should look for you if your boat capsized close to paradise heaven. Woman playing soccer in skimpy outfits is the international definition of sexy! There are so many music videos featuring beautiful woman playing soccer these days, but hey, no one is complaining right?

Alex Gaudino is well-known for his sexy music videos, we solute you kind sir. Enur managed to piece together a music video that encapsulates the power of random sexiness.

The lucky traveler in the music video is walking aimlessly while he goes past hot girls playing tennis, washing cars or just dancing in short outfits. Lets not forget the occasional inserts of oiled synchronized dancers! Max Graham Vs. In the music video we can see two school boys skipping school Girls dancing naked to music embark on a day they would never forget. Dressed in bikinis while dancing and having fun in front of the cameras, the two chaps sit and judge the sexy ladies Girls dancing naked to music patiently sitting through all the auditions.

Dance music videos are very easy to produce, especially if it involves the sun, beach and hot ladies. Throw in a naked girl playing an electric guitar and you are good to go! Imagine the longest stripper pole you have ever seen filled with hot girls performing amazing moves.

Besides the obvious reasons for the music video making the sexy list, the pole dancing moves are definitely something to admire. The track features a stunning blonde delivering the best demonstration of a pelvic thrust I have ever seen.

The video also features a group of very attractive woman wearing very little doing an aerobic work-out using some very suggestive exercises. Of course there is one male Girls dancing naked to music simply taking it all in, lucky bastard.

Needless to say, she stole the limelight and is now one of the most googled models on the internet. The featured YouTube link included on this post is not the version everyone is raving about. Robert Palmer, Addicted to love. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. DenJonsson on February Girls dancing naked to music, at am. This is the sexiest video. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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