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Remember Frank rizzo sued hustler. I assumed the proclamation — a copy of the formal document — was the usual celebration of some person or organization for doing good work. Tate and Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo. Frank rizzo sued hustler Luther King Jr. Then I read the rest of the sentence:. Up-close view of the April 5,proclamation against public gatherings in Philadelphia. It was issued in wake of Martin Luther King Jr. I realized that this was a proclamation by the city and its police force — most notably Rizzo, who was notorious for his horrid treatment of and attitude toward African Americans — to tamp down any protest regarding the murder of King, as was happening in other parts of the country.

King was killed in Memphis on April 4,and riots erupted in black neighborhoods in cities, including Washington, BaltimorePittsburgh, Boston, Nashville and Chicago.

Philadelphia was one of those cities inand rioting and looting took place on Columbia Avenue in North Philadelphia. The disturbances were sparked by an argument between police officers and a woman whose car had stalled. A crowd gathered, rumors about the incident spread, and trouble ensued. White-owned businesses were looted and burned in three days of rioting.

The violence was said to have led to the political ascendancy of Rizzo. ByRizzo was as incendiary a figure as the Molotov cocktails thrown into businesses. Feelings were intense, and the local black leadership called for calm and peace. Rizzo put his officers on hour shifts, barricades were set up and officers wore riot gear. The Frank rizzo sued hustler and turmoil in other cities could have easily happened in Philadelphia, but a relationship between leaders of black groups and George Fencl, head of the Civil Disobedience Unit of the Police Department, quelled most of it.

These groups told him about upcoming demonstrations, march routes that should be cleared, among other things. He was their shield against Rizzo. Full view of the April 5,proclamation against public gatherings in Philadelphia. The proclamation was not the first of its kind issued by the city. It was issued a month before the mayor was given the power through ordinance to limit the gathering of people in the future to avert a riot. The first proclamation was issued in Julyandcopies of the yellow documents were distributed by police officers throughout the city.

As expected, the proclamation was tested. In each case, the proclamation was read by police, and people were arrested after refusing to leave. Three of those arrested filed a lawsuit calling the proclamation unconstitutional because it interfered with their First-Amendment rights of peaceful assembly and speech. They lost in the local court and appealed to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania, where they again lost.

The Proclamation was issued as a preventive measure. The case made its way to the U. Supreme Court, which in dismissed it. Name required. Email required. Please note: comment moderation is enabled and may delay your comment. There is no need to resubmit your comment. But far too often we Frank rizzo sued hustler know what we have or assume it's worth very little or nothing.

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