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I was excited about building this little project. I gathered up the parts and warmed up the soldering iron. The project went together easily. After all, there are only about a dozen parts or so, what could go wrong? Oh, what a loaded question that was. I decided to construct the 80 Meter model.

After completion, I attached the power, and antenna. I hooked up the oscilloscope and frequency meter, and powered the rig up.

It looked like I was getting out between and milliwatts, depending on the power supply voltage. This is where the fun ended. I was never able to detect any sort of audio out of the little rig. I followed the tuneup procedure in the instructions to the tee.

After several days, I think I am done with it. Unless something else pops into my mind, I will cut my losses on this one and continue on to the next project that is begging for my attention.

Here is a little project I am excited to build. The key itself switches it from receive to transmit. This should be fun. If I am successful or notI will post about the fun time I have with it.

I just received some crystals in the Cours transistor radio amateur today, so my Cours transistor radio amateur at this little project will be for the 80 meter band. Check this little project out and warm up your soldering iron and give it a try. It will be FUN! My dead bug Gnat 1.

No audio was ever detected. Click to see a Cours transistor radio amateur view of the dead Cours transistor radio amateur 1. N7ZWY's Cours transistor radio amateur of the Gnat 1. About two square inches. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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