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I got married in my early twenties and that is when I started to have this fascination with watching guys ogle over my wife. I knew my wife was very attractive, sexy and pretty but I didn't realize how much I enjoyed watching other guys lust over her until Boys nude sex images started noticing how much attention she got everywhere we went.

I really started to look forward to seeing guys stare at her and Club get sex wife their necks. She is a tall Filipina with very long straight jet black hair, a beautiful face, high cheek bones, big brown eyes, a slender perfectly light golden brown body, and a perfect butt. She has the most beautiful long slender golden brown legs that really attract attention when she wears a short dress or a short skirt with heels. I would often ask her to wear sexy clothes.

If the weather was warm, she would wear sexy clothes as long as she looked fashionable and not slutty. About two years after we were married she decided to start working out in the gym to really tone her body and build muscles.

She lost what little body fat she had completely and became lean at about lbs and she put on some muscle too. At this time she was in her mid's.

She is not an exhibitionist or anything like that but she does love attention and compliments from guys. I always wanted her to show more in public.

We would sometimes go out clubbing and she would wear a short dress and I would often Club get sex wife her to lose her underwear and go commando. One time when we were in the club dancing in Florida she did remove her underwear and her summer dress was somewhat see-through.

As we were dancing I was behind her with my arm around her stomach and she did not realize that I was slowly crumbling up the front of her dress into my fist raising the front of her dress exposing her bare pussy to the rest of the dance floor for about 30 seconds. She caught me doing it and was quite upset at me. After that she always wore her underwear. It was very intriguing to me to go see.

I told my wife that one of my co-workers was having a going-away party at this club and she let me go probably because she was also curious about it. It cost quite a bit to get in but it was fantastic. The show had six Japanese women and four or five women from Colombia. The club was not very large as it could only occupy probably 50 people.

It had one T-shaped stage with a circle stage that was about 10 feet across at the bottom of the T. The audience chairs were lined up around the semicircle part of the stage. There were Club get sex wife 15 or Club get sex wife chairs in the first row and probably four rows of chairs behind that in a semicircle.

The show started with a Japanese girl. For her first song she would just dance around. The second song was slower and she would strip completely naked during the song. After her second song she would then do something special. This is Club get sex wife only money that was given to the dancers in the club. There was no tipping the dancer like in the States. The girl would get into any pose that you wanted her to do for the photo.

Most guys would have her legs spread wide open for the picture and she was fine with that. Then a Colombian gal would dance for two songs and then strip. She would then bring a small basket onto the stage and proceed to go to every guy in the front row and wash their hands. After she had washed all of their hands, she started on the one side of the stage and would sit on the very edge of the stage and straddle the man who was sitting there.

The stage was elevated above the front row by about 3 feet so when she would sit in front of the man, his head would be slightly above her crotch.

She would lay back with her hands above or under her head, spread her legs open and he would proceed to do anything he wanted to her with his fingers.

She would give the guy about 30 seconds to do what he wanted and then she would get up and move to the next guy, sit in front of him, lay back, spread her legs and he would Club get sex wife the same thing to her.

As I watched this for the first time I was amazed that this was allowed. No guy on the front row was excluded. She had to go from guy to guy to guy until the entire front row had their chance to finger her.

This was incredible to me. After she had finished with the front row, she got up and walked off the stage. The manager of the club came out next in order to figure out who was going to Indian girls removing saree on stage to have sex with her.

It was understood that if Busty britain kerry marie raised your hand, it meant that you wanted to have sex with her on stage in front of everyone. If there was more than one guy that raised their hand, then the manager would have a dice roll off to determine the winner.

The winner would then get up onstage, get naked, and she would put a condom on him. Sometimes the girl would give him a blowjob in order to get the guy hard. She would then lay down, spread her legs and he would fuck her in a missionary position or she would sit on top of him. The stage was small and it would slowly rotate so that everyone could see from every angle. After they finished, the girl rotation would continue with another Japanese girl that would come out and dance two songs and then a special trick like blowing darts from her pussy.

After that, another Colombian girl would come out and repeat the same fingering and sex as the first Colombian girl had. This would continue on a rotation all night. I went home after that first night to the club and told my wife all about it and she was very curious to see it for herself.

We went together soon after and my wife found it to be very erotic. She really enjoyed the show and talked about it for quite some time after that. She told me that the most erotic part of the show to her was that the Colombian girls let anyone finger them. The part that she really Club get sex wife stop thinking about was that they were getting fingered by any guy who wanted to.

It didn't cost any more money at all either. All the guy had to do was sit or stand in the front row of the stage and he was guaranteed to get the opportunity to finger her with her laying down in front of him with her legs spread wide open. And it wasn't just one guy, it was all the guys in the front row.

If Club get sex wife guy that was there wanted to finger her, she had no choice but to let them and there was no barrier. It was the Club get sex wife deal. The guys got to feel inside her skin to skin.

She didn't find the sex to be as erotic as the Club get sex wife because it was only one lucky guy and he was Club get sex wife a condom and couldn't feel a lot anyway so she said. In our pillow talk I told her how much it would thrill me to see her on stage getting fingered by any guy that was there. I could tell that it was a fantasy on her mind as well but fantasy and reality are two different things as she would tell me. The night that we went to this club there were only Japanese people there.

No Americans at all. I told her that there were no other Americans the other night that Club get sex wife went other Drunk college girls fucking the small group of guys that I was with even though on the other night half the club was probably Americans and half Japanese.

For the next few months life was normal. I went to work and she got a job working at a big store on the Air Force Base. She would often tell me about different guys that come just to see her and how she was constantly receiving their phone Rikki six cum in mouth. She worked out at the gym almost every day.

She would also Club get sex wife out at 3 other gyms around the island. I would go with her occasionally to work out and it would be funny to see all of the guy fans that she had that would say hello to her like they saw her often in the gym. She just loved the attention. A few weeks later another one of my co-workers was leaving Okinawa soon and was going to have his going away party at The Stage again.

So again, Club get sex wife went. The show was about the same but some of the dancers were new. This time I got a chance to talk with the manager and I told him how intriguing it was for me to see the show. Club get sex wife talked about how there isn't any kind of show like this in the States. I told him how beautiful and sexy my wife is and how I would love to see how an audience of guys would react to her being a dancer.

I even told him that she found Club get sex wife very erotic and might even consider Club get sex wife it as long as she wouldn't be recognized. I didn't think that she would ever consider getting on stage, but I guess it was just a fantasy that I had hoped would happen.

I thought the odds of anyone recognizing my wife were next to nil. Being that it was a Japanese Club that was mostly frequented by Japanese men, I thought that it might be possible to convince my wife Ava to work at the club one night without anyone she knew finding out.

To my surprise the manager asked me Club get sex wife I had some pictures of her on me. I got out my wallet and showed him the few that I had. He thought that she was very beautiful and sexy and he told me that they had not had a Filipina girl there in many years and that if I could somehow convince her, he could probably let her work one night. So now it was up to me Club get sex wife convince her Ava to do it. I Club get sex wife believe it could happen or that I was considering having her do this.

On the other hand this sounded like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We were not going to be stationed there forever and places like this don't exist in the states. After I got home from the show I was so excited but I figured that Club get sex wife wife would not consider it since she was somewhat shy and had never taken her clothes off in front of anyone in public before.

So as delicately as I could I asked her if she would ever consider this one-time fantasy fulfillment of mine.

She immediately said no way because she was scared someone might recognize her. I told her about how many thousands of Japanese people are on the island and none of them know her.

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