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Besides, this tale has a message that we all could stand to hear once in a while:. Hed lost not only his first group of chipmunks but also the chipettes he got! Ian is played by David Cross in the movie. Then he got a Tequila an turned on the TV where Dr. Sznell was advertising his new invention. Ian got a plan. He was going to turn himself into a chipmukn an join the group an maybe fuck some Chippetes an then kill them!!

Ian was very pleased with his plan. He went over to Dr. He looked around an noticed that Dr. A perfect negotiation object! Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude display a phone number during his commercial for ordering the device? He then patted the kid on the head to warm himself up to the kid, though this didnt really make Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude for the fact that Ian threatened to kill him.

So Ian walked into the special Munkifier room an got naked an stepped it. But the machine hummed to life an there was flashin lights in the room an smoke came outta the Munkifier.

Ian came out an looked at the mirror an it worked: he was turned into a chipmunk!!!!! For one he was shorter. He squeaked when he talked. That is a good song.

One that I will forever think of along with this fan fic, and thus is ruined Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude ever more. An his penis was a lot smaller! LEss that an inch long in fact.

Well Ian fucked alot more trust me homies David Cross drives the ladies crazy…just ask my sister an mama! We saw the Chipmunks movies an my daddy an brother were beggin to be allowed to leave but mama an my sister stayed to watch David!! An I was watchin to come up with stories! But then Ian remembered that he was gonna get BAD revenge on those naaaaasty Chipmunks an this made him feel better.

Chipmunk Ian hitched a ride to the Chipmunks house………. It was a bright sunny day an the chipmunks an chippetes were at home Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude LA in Mulholland Drive.

David wasnt there he left for London to see the premiere of the new Harry Potter movie but he left on Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude dirty movie featuring some big muscleman like Arnold or Sylvester doin a chick with bigass tits like Pamela Anderson doggystyle. The munks were weirded out.

Understandably so. Yeah, me neither. Alvan scoffed. The fame made him kinda an asshole. The other munks got very interested.

Then the other munks meaning Alavn Simon Brittany an Jeanete got so turned on they all decided to join in!!! They all got on Davids bed an started doin it an it was a chipmunk orgy. High pitched screams an groans an moans an grunts an crys whimpers of pleasure filled the air as the Munks fucked an fucked an fucked an fucked an fucked an fucked an fucked an fucked until they came like Super Soakers all over the sheets.

Did he really save that much time? Jeanete fell asleep Simon was Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude a good fuck an Theodor came so much that he got Elonor pregnant with a baby chipmunk already. Alvun was such a power fuck that Brittany went flyin across the room!!

Now they were all tired when they heared a knock. Dave left the porn flick on. Seems like having a chipmunk orgy on his bed should have been a pretty foreseeable consequence of that action. It was a big job but they did it and the they got the door an saw a very tall very skinny black guy with cornrows an a goatee.

Alvan was a huge gangsta rap fan an Snoop was one of his heros!!! But Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude just Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude no cussin an no fightin. Suddenly, it dawns on me that this is only one of Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude many reasons Snoop Dogg has not succeeded as a professional babysitter. So anyway the day went as usual. They all watched TV an then Men in Black came on.

Snoop went to get popcorn for him an the munks but looked in the pantry and saw that they were out! Snoop came into the intertainment room. The other munks were at home alone. So the munks all sat an watched Men in Black, laughin at the jokes, amazed by how cool Will Smith an Tommy Lee Jones are when they heard a knocking.

They thought it was Snoop an Alvan with the popcorn but they opened the door an saw a chipmunk. Plus they were releaved that it wasnt Dave cuz Jeanete was still naked.

Frankly, this discrepancy between them being chipmunks and being ashamed of their nudity is the most disturbing part of this fan fic for me. Have the Chipmunks and Chipettes been indoctrinated into some religion that makes them aware of original sin? Snoop Dogg an our friend Alvan outta Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude comin with the popcorn soon. He sat on the couch an gave everybody their popcorn an he saw Kwah. So they all watched the movie as Kwah laughed on the inside.

His plan was working!!! And a bonus: He got to meet Snoop Dogg!!!! The movie was over an it was gettin dusk out. Now the chipmunks were about to go to bed but Snoop got thirsty so he had to go out an get himself some beers. So snoop left the house as the real Chipmunks all walkd to the bedroom while Ian squeaked evilly with laughter.

Revenge was gonna be his! The munks all went to bed. Ian ended up sleeping next to Theodore who was on top of Elonor. Theodor ripped a really loud fart that tore his little asshole open an sent him flying across the bed.

Elonor ran off to the bathroom cuz it stunk so bad an Ian followed her, not only to make his move but also cuz he was really disgusted by loud farts. That I can recall. Ian flashed back to the time the chipmunks were living with him an Theodor came to his bed an woke him up cuz he had a nightmare. Ian was kinda annoyed but then Theodor farted an burned a hole in the area beneath his butt so Ian flung him outta the room. Elonor was fat an Ian didnt normally dig fat chicks but shed do.

Ian didnt like this. Eleanor tried to run an tell everyone but Ian grabbed her. He threw her against the tub an knocked her Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude, an then picked her up by her tail an climbed Wanita gemuk lagi bugil the toilet an then dumped her in the bowl it took him a while cuz shes so fat an flushed her down the drain, it was like that movie Flushed Away.

The toilet clogged because of Eleanors fat ass, but he got her to go down. But then Brittany came into the bathroom an saw him flushing her! She tried to stop him. I am IAN. So I turned into a chipmunk not only to kill you all, but also to have sex with you. So frankly, chipmunk-on-chipmunk rape is pretty Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude at least compared to other possibilities.

By the end of it Ian jabbed his dick in her cunt about ,, times chipmunks have fast sex. Then he stopped an she collapsed cryin. First Ian whipped her tits, then her ass, then moved to her cunt. Ian glared at him. Then Ian laughed evilly as he put away the whip an threw salt on Brittanys deep lashes. Then he rapped her again. While Snoop was stuck in traffic an the other Munks were asleep, Ian tortured an raped Brittany all night long…it was awful.

Brittanys ear-shatterinly loud screams for help went unheard an only made Ian laugh harder as he continued smackin her an rapin her. Then he moved to her asshole an stuck it right in an Britanny screamed louder than shed ever screamed in her life. I MEAN it. If you thought this was hot, you have a significant problem.

Snoop was still stuck in traffic a crashed Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude the road an killed a buncha people an Snoop had to wait while Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude cops an firefighters an paramedics cleaned up wreckage an dead bodies an Alvin was in bed sleepin, completely obvliious to the fact that his girlfriend got raped.

Then Theodor came runnin up to him. Theodor threw up an Jeanette all Chipettes alvin and the chipmunk nude cryin. Blood an cum was splattered all over the bathroom.

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