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Are either of them ready for the rough pounding they are going to get once she does? October 17, October 17, 3. See also The Lisa Files. The Lisa Files — Page Bart lisa simpson jimmy This comic was one of the darkest and disturbing ones I ever did.

In conclusion I'm glad that it is just a fictional character and no one got hurt October 11, October 11, 0. Lisa's head went a little bit too big in the first panel and the proportions in general of both compared to Barts bed October 8, October 8, 0. Good shot of Bart but I messed up again the dynamics of the blanket. Well maybe the next time October 5, October 5, 0. Lisa's face is exactly mines after scribbeling this Modern african fashion styles. I always struggling with drawing characters crying.

However the situation of the whole scene made it necessary. September 30, September 30, 0. Very famous are the Simpsons for their flapping tongues while crying Bart lisa simpson jimmy. I waived in this scene to add this effect because I wanted to keep the scene September 21, September 21, 0.

The Lisa Files- Page It is long ago since someone included Ms. Boczkowski in a parody sex comic. I added at least the silhouettes September 17, September 17, 0. Sometimes It's not easy to draw one of your favorite childhood cartoon buddies doing such awful things but if you want to offending people you Bart lisa simpson jimmy to do September 13, September 13, 0.

I really don't know what I'd smoking this evening by drawing this Oh right My hair September 10, September 10, 0. Forced to lick your sisters pussy in the old incestous way is never fun. Bart lisa simpson jimmy do they have a choice?

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